Monday, November 17, 2014

Helllllooooo and Welcome to Artful Chicks.

We are the five friends you know well from Artful  Mail Groupies and we started this joint blog for our exciting, new venture, Artful Journeys (AJ), a FB group dedicated solely to art on paper, art journaling and art in your daily planners. Each week, we will be linking this blog to the group, showing you our individual interpretations of the 52 weekly prompts and interim challenges.  We will have guest artists, tutorials and lots of good art and art journaling fun for you to view, learn, and experiment with on your own.

Artful Journeys will officially open for membership on November 28th.  We have early pre-launch prompts for you in your journals or planners to get you started and warmed up, and will be encouraging you to invite all your arty friends to the group and our artful family to share in the fun.  AJ will post our first "official" prompt on January 4th, 2015! Weekly art prompts will be posted every Sunday for the coming week, in addition to periodic mid-week art challenges, guest artist challenges and tutorials.  Everyone is encouraged to share images of the art they create in response to our prompts and challenges, in addition to other work you are creating in your journals or planners for other groups.

Complete the prompts at your own pace and let the work of others inspire you.  No one is going to judge the work you are creating and all skill levels are welcome. This group is for you!  Art journaling is healing, fulfilling and brings friends together through a common interest in art and creative endeavors.  Your artful team is using a variety of journals, each going with something a little different, depending on their artistic and paper preferences.  You might want to use more than one journal, as many do or perhaps you want to create your journal "pages" independently and bind them or put them into a separate journal at a later date.  It is entirely your choice, and we surely will support whatever you decide!

During the course of the year, we will explore new techniques, tips, and challenging art prompts to keep you from getting into an art rut.  While each prompt is always just a suggestion, working through each prompt during the course of the year will help you see a natural progression of your art and the improvements in technique and skill.  We all have something to learn, and none of us are experts to be sure. But we have the heart and desire and we know you do too!

So thank you for joining us and being part of our ever-growing artful family.

Best wishes to you and your families for the coming New Year and may 2015 be your most artful journey!

Betty, Melody, Terri, Tamie & Lynn


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    1. Thanks for joining the adventure with us. Looking forward to taking this journey with you.

  2. Very exciting! Congrats on this new venture -- can't wait to journey with you! ~Andi Atwater (cafeartiste)

    1. Thank you. We're pretty excited and so glad you've decided to join us on this awesome journey!!

  3. Love having some of my favorite people in one blog!

  4. We're glad you've joined us here for Artful Journeys. It's going to be an amazing year!!


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