2016 Artful Journeys Prompt Archives

Find all the prompt archives for 2016 on this page.  Each week, we will update this archive with the list of prompts for the week indicated. All prompts for each week will be posted directly to the group page at ARTFUL JOURNEYS.  If there is a blog post for that particular week in relation to the prompts or techniques, it will be perma-linked here for your easy reference.  Work the prompts in any order that suits you, and always feel free to pick and choose. We will give you 7 inspirational prompts, one for each day of the week each Saturday for the coming week.

There is no real "start" or "finish" and there is no way for you to get "behind."  We want you to be inspired and work in your art journal frequently, or in response to your writing. The whole point is to be creative, explore, set out your emotions or feelings in a visual or creative way, and be fulfilled by the activity of just being creative, exploring and experimenting!  As always, by sharing your visual art journal work with the group at ARTFUL JOURNEYS, you may inspire others with your creative expression. Don't be shy. We will always be your biggest cheerleaders and encourage and support you. This is not a competition and you don't need anyone's approval.  Remember, we're creating for fun and discovery, self-awareness and self-expression. Be bold, be brave, but most of all, express yourself!

12/27/15 - 01/02/16
          Under Cover
          In the Still of the Night
          Snow Angels
          Your best day in 2015
          Touchstone word or phrase for 2016
          Happy New Year!
          Use at least 4 things someone sent you in the mail

01/03/16 - 01/09/16
          Light a Candle
          Chow Hound
          Water Feature
          Punch it Out
          Dearly Departed
          In the Blues

          Paint with non-standard liquid
          She's "sew" fine
          Washi wonders
          Window to the world
          Mono print
          Map it
          Pinking shears

Positive quote
          Up in Smoke
          Turquoise and Yellow
          Deli Paper
          Hear Me Roar
          Ticket Please

01/24/16 - 01/30/16
          Lip Service
          Ribbons and Lace
          Lime and Pink
          Abstract City
          Sketch it
          Texture it

01/31/16 - 02/06/16 

Add a Flap
Not My Favorite Color
Paint on a Textile
Picture It (add a photo)
One Staple Collage
           Books n' Crannies

02/07/16 - 02/13/-16

          Zig Zag
          Color it Fun (add a coloring page)
          Lemon Zest
          Get an EARful
          In the BLUES
          Phone a Friend
          Board Games     

02/14/16 - 02/20/16 
          Daily Heroes
          Wavy Journaling
          Love, Love Me Do
          You Crack Me Up *clean, dry eggshells*

02/21/16 -  02/27/16
          Fire in the Hole
          BEE seein' ya
          Movie Night
          Out of Africa
          Out My Kitchen Window I see...
          Use a kitchen utensil for texture

02/28/16 - 03/05/16 
          In the Mail
          Pop It!
          Shoe Dazzle
          Mandala on Black
          Vintage Papers
          My Inner Critic
          EYE adore you!

03/06/16 - 03/12/16
          SPICE it up!
          Full METAL jacket
          Gray Tonal
          Flower Power
          Design a Hat

03/13/16 - 03/19/16
          Here Fishy Fishy
          Museum Night
          Cross Writing
          You named him BRAD
          Green and Blue
          Erase It (create negative image by erasing or other method)

03/20/16 - 03/26/16 
          Add a received envelope
          Stencil it
          Whimsy Girls rock
          Fruit and Nuts
          Paint Chips
          Design a Branding Iron
          Moon over My Hammy

03/27/16 -  04/02/16 
          Bunny Love
          All TANGLED Up
          Circular Writing
          WAVE to me
          On the BORDER
          Image Transfer

04/03/16 - 04/09/16
          Birds, Bugs & Butterflies
          Pick up the TRASH
          Red and Black
          Tissue Paper
          Wood Grain
          Self Portrait - left hand only
          Art Deco

04/10/16 - 04/16/17 
          Orange and Red
          Joker's Wild
          Square it up
          Maya Angelou
          Bird bath
          California Dreamin'

04/17/16 - 04/23/16
          Tin Man
          TIME in a bottle
          World Event
          STAIRWAY to Heaven
          Here kitty, kitty! 

04/24/16 - 04/30/16 SPRING PHOTO CHALLENGE 
          Baby animal(s)
          Flowers in bloom
          Green grass
          Interesting leaves
          Growing in the concrete

05/01/16 - 05/07/16 (Free week)
        No published prompts this week.

05/08/16 - 05/14/16
          Let the light SHINE
          HOPE floats
          My front door
          World Events
          ANGER Management
          LEAF it 

05/15/16 - 05/21/16 
          I left my heart ...
          Heaven and Earth
          Blind Drawing
          COLLECTION love
          Restaurant Wars 

05/22/16 - 05/28/16 
          Cartoon time
          Dream a Little Dream
          1940's Fashion
          Circle on Around
          Book Margins
          Coffee or Tea
          It's a MAN's World

05/29/16 - 06/04/16 
          DIAMONDS are a girl's best friend
          Imaginary monster
          Found Relative(s)
          Sweet treats
          Pass the NAPKINS please
          HOME is where the heart is
          Grace Under Pressure

06/05/16 - 06/11/16
          4 LAYERS
          Teesha Moore Style
          Build a Pet (collage)
          Don't Fence Me In
          Violet / Purple / White
          Salt Lift
          Dip pen or Fountain pen 

06/12/16 - 06/18/16
          Watercolor flowers
          WRITE on it
          Time for Dessert
          Love TRIANGLE
          Favorite Soda 

06/19/16 - 06/25/16
          Tree of Life
          Good medicine
          Beneath the surface
          An APPLE a day
          My cup runneth over

06/26/16 - 07/02-16
          I'm GREEN with envy
          Color Chart
          Silly String
          Motion artifact
          Dry as a bone
          Angel Wings

07/03/16 -  07/09/16
          Stormy Weather
          In the Hen House
          Sail away with me
          Beach balls
          Dream destination
          Planes, Trains & automobiles 

07/10/16 - 07/16/16 
          Back to the Future
          Neutral color palette
          The heat is on
          Juggling life
          Black & gold  

07/17/16 – 07/23/16
          Polka Dots
          House Mouse
          Ghost stenciling

07/24/16 - 07/30/16
          I'm all KEYED up
          Pillow talk (secrets)
          Zebra stripes
          Black and silver
          Who's got the BUTTON
          Frozen treats
          Albert Einstein

AUGUST, 2016

07/31/16 - 08/06/16 
          Orange and Turquoise
          Magic Carpet Ride
          The Beatles
          Creative Alphabet
          Olympic Rings
          Love grows in my garden

08/07/16 - 08/13/16
            Fairy house
            Reality Sucks
            Song Lyrics
            Best friends
            Blow on it
            Musical Instrument 

08/14/16 - 08/20/16
           Crayon drips
           Paper flowers
           Non-paper ephemera
           Palette knife only
           Sign(s) of the times
           Top 10 playlist
           Pink and black  

08/21/16 - 08/27/18
           I Love Lucy
           Stained Glass
           Recreate a face with magazine image(s)
           Babywipe background
           Splatter it
           Red and Yellow

08/28/16 - 09/03/16
           US Constitution
           Excuse me
           'Feather' my nest
           Anchors aweigh

09/04/16 - 09/10/16 
           Paper towels
           PIG out
           Cup and saucer
           Blue and White
           Breakfast at Tiffany's
           Mum's the word
           Back to school

09/11/16 - 09/17/16
           Get your freak on
           Pastel palette
           Sketch - something in neighbor's yard
           Use 3 colors of ink
           Stick people

09/18/16 - 09/24/16
           Kandinsky inspired
           Primary colors only
           Falling leaves
           Mirror, mirror
           Queen of Hearts
           Nail polish as a medium

09/25/16 - 10/01/16
           Sock it to me
           The 1980's
           Scraped background
           A day at the zoo    
           Victorian lady
           Jack in the Box

10/02/16 - 10/08/16
           Polar bears
           Found poetry

10/09/16 - 10/15/16
           Journaling card
           Scavenger Hunt - "M"
           Drop Cap
           Starry night

10/16/16 - 10/22/16
           You are enough
            Little Miss Muffet
            Floral bouquet
            Grateful heart
            Piano keys
            Bats in the Belfry

10/23/16 - 10/29/16
             Moonlit night
             Tombstones and Zombies
             Favorite Candy  
             Use a brown paper bag or kraft paper 
             Use a candy wrapper(s)
             Lime, Orange and black

10/30/16 - 11/05/16
             Right angles
             Horizontal lines
             Scrapbooking paper
             Sewing pattern
             Graph paper
             Hand letter a quote 

11/06/16 - 11/12/16
            Daylight Savings Time
            Election Day
            Veterans Day
            In the forest
            Scribble art
            Stripped papers

11/13/16 - 11/19/16
            Count your blessings
            Top 10 favorite desserts
            Document your colored pencils
            Hunter's quarry
            Sketch a lamp in your home
            On golden pond
            Pilgrims / Pioneers



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