Thursday, April 21, 2016

1st Annual Spring Journal Scavenger Hunt

Blue Hydrangea, 2011 by B. Richardson
As a last hurrah for spring, and to get us all outside and seeing things in our world in a more artistic light, we thought it would be a great idea to do a month-long challenge beginning May 1st.  Just you, your camera (or phone camera) and your journal.  We realize some of you are just now digging out from late winter storms, and others of us are rushing to enjoy the last of our temperate weather before the big heat sets in, but getting outside and enjoying our environment will be the big plus for this challenge.

This is a 31-day photo challenge, that involves an A to Z photo scavenger hunt + 5 bonus challenges to round out the month.  You will find and photograph subjects from A to Z and 5 creative bonus items. We are going to award prizes!!!


Contest and participation is open only to members of ARTFUL JOURNEYS and/or ARTFUL WRITING, our two journaling groups.  If you are not a member and want to participate, follow the link and ask to join us.  In either group, you will find a post where you can ask to join the secret group and you will be added.

You do not have to be a professional photographer. Use whatever camera you have available. Use your phone camera. Use your fancy-schmancy camera. It's all good.  All photographs must be posted in the secret group for consideration.  Winning photographs will remain the property of the photographer, but winners will have to agree to have their winning photographs featured on our blog, in our groups and via other electronic media and/or groups.  We will ask the winners to sign a waiver of liability and authorize us to use their names and images.  Winners will get full artistic credit.

For each day of the month of May, you will need to find and photograph something that would fall under the category of A to Z, + the 5 bonus challenges to round out the month.  For example, for "A" you might photograph an apple, some street art, or an arbor.  Some letters of the alphabet might require some creative license, and we're good with that, as long as you tell us which category your photo applies.  For example, the letter "X" might be more difficult, and we certainly would accept something creative like "x-traordinary", "x-ceptional" as well as something specific like xylophone.  For the letter "Z", you might visit a zoo, see a zebra, or come across something zany as your subject matter.  Hopefully you get the idea.
Unfolding Hibiscus, 2014 by B. Richardson
As you take your photographs, keep lighting, composition and your subject matter in mind.

We are thinking that you can add these photographs to your art journals, your writing journals or make up a whole new journal just for this challenge, whether you art it up, art around it, or write about the experience surrounding the photograph.  We would love to see the end result if you are taking an artful journey with this challenge!

You can take all your photographs on one day or over the course of just a few days if you have the time, take one a day or several a day. Take a drive, take a long walk or walks and carry your prompt list (and idea list!) and see what you can find on these journeys. You can shoot and submit your photographs in any order, beginning MAY 1 thru JUNE 3rd,  but YOU MUST LABEL EACH POSTED PHOTO in the secret group with the hashtag #JSH-A, #JSH-B, #JSH-C, etc. or #JSH-1, #JSH-2, etc for the five bonus categories and tell us what it is we are seeing -- e.g.  #JSH-Q  Quiet scene or QUILT so that we know your photograph applies to the specific A-Z category or bonus group.  If you want to tell us more about where the photo was taken or other information, that would be wonderful.  But your first line in the post should be the hashtag, letter (or #) and subject. 

Weeds are Beautiful, Too  July, 2012 by B. Richardson

Post photographs in the secret group only, not in AJ or AW.  One photograph per letter A-Z, and one photograph per bonus categories only to be judged.  If you choose to submit multiple photographs per category, the first one posted will be judged.  We're happy to see them all, but in fairness to everyone, only the first one posted will be judged.

Each photograph must be posted individually.  No multiple photo posts, and no direct  blog posts.  If you blog about the experience, we are happy for you to share these posts with the group, but your photo entries must be posted individually.  Do not add any labeling, names or dates to your photographs with any editing software so that we can keep the judging fair for all concerned.

  • 1st place:  $50 gift card to Michael's, Hobby Lobby or (winner's choice)
  • 2nd place: $25 gift card to Michael's, Hobby Lobby or (winner's choice)
  • 3rd place: $15 gift card to Michael's, Hobby Lobby or (winner's choice)
Initial judging will be done by the 4 group admins and 10 finalists will be selected, one photo per finalist.  Then the ten photographs selected will be judged by a group of 3 independent persons (that I will select and submit the photos to for review & consideration) who have no personal knowledge of any of the contestants or entries, and the winners will be determined by them. Judging criteria:  photograph composition, representation of the "category," and overall pleasantness/artistry of the photograph.

WINNERS will be announced on Monday, June 6th  in the secret group and shared elsewhere following the close of the challenge.

So commit to joining us on this fun challenge.  We'll all be participating, but admins are ineligible for prizes.  Break out your cameras, and enjoy this artful challenge.  You're going to have fun creating art journal pages, writing about your experience(s) and of course, when you win, shopping with your prize money!

We're keeping it artful!

~Betty, Melody, Lynn and Shana

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