Artful Writing- 2016 Prompt Archives

Below you will find the prompt archives for 2016 for our creative writing and journaling group, Artful Writing.  There may or may not be blog posts to accompany specific writing posts throughout the year, and if there are, they will also be linked here as well.

DECEMBER, 2015 Warm-Up Prompts
1.     Journal about one of your fears. Where does it come from? What happens to you physically and emotionally when you are feeling the fear? How does this hold you back? How could you challenge it? Write about how you life would improve after overcoming the fear. 
2.    Set a timer for 10 minutes. Now for the full 10 minutes, do not stop writing. Whatever thoughts cross your mind, write them down. Do not censor yourself or worry about spelling or punctuation. Just clear all the mental clutter out onto the paper. After the 10 minutes, relax and reward yourself. You have just completed what is known as a "brain dump." 
3.    We all know our self confidence grows when we expand our comfort zones. Journal about a time when you pushed your boundaries and felt rewarded with a boost of self confidence afterwards. Then, write down at least 5 things you can do to build more confidence.
If you could end one world problem, what would it be and why?
* * * * *
1.     (Fri) Select a touchstone word or phrase that is meaningful to you that you want to reinforce in your life throughout the new year.  Why did you make this selection, and how is it going to be meaningful to you.
2.     (Sat) Review the ups and downs of 2015 and how your life was impacted.  What issues that emerged last year do you want to work on to eliminate or better this year.  Use positive affirmations to commit … ie “I will….I am doing …”  Create a to-do list for the coming week.  
3.      (Sun) Make a list of positive goals to achieve this year that are truly attainable. Commit to them and as each goal is attained and met throughout the year, write about it and come back to this list and add a checkmark and date accomplished.   
4.    (Mon) Tell a story about a favorite moment from this past holiday season.   ALTERNATE:  Write about a special new year’s moment you celebrated in the past. 
5.    (Tue) What is your favorite winter activity?  Why? 
6.     (Wed) How do you prepare for and handle unexpected guests in your home? 
7.     (Thu) Catch up your to-do list today, update any incomplete items.  List at least five (5) blessings in your life.  
8.     (Fri) Take a look at your attitude regarding immigration. Do you have an “us & them” attitude?  Are you willing to accept “open borders?”  Are you security conscious? Explore how you feel about this topic. Do you need to change your thinking? Why? 
9.    (Sat) Review all the events and writings of your week – your joys, successes, failures, shortcomings. Do you need to adjust some of your priorities?  Update your to-do list for next week.  List your accomplishments this week positively:  “I did … I accomplished … I succeeded at … “  Then list 5 blessings in your life or things you are thankful for this week.
10.                    (Sun)  Reflect on your spirituality and faith today. How does your faith impact your life? Do you need to interject more spirituality into your life?
11.                    (Mon) Write about your job, work or profession, past or present. How did you enter this field? Is it or was it rewarding to you or has it/did it become a burden? Was this career your "calling" or are you still searching for what lights you up? Are you or were you happy? What aspirations have been or were fulfilled, and what do you want for the future? Are you planning for retirement?
12.                    (Tue) Make a list of things you would or want to change about your living space or environment, and why. You can create your dream space, of course! And if you are inclined, using magazine clippings, create an art journal page of your dream living space.
13.                    (Wed)  How does reaching mid-week make you feel? Looking forward to the weekend? Panicked because the week is almost over? What must you accomplish before the weekend arrives? What can slide to help take the pressure off?
14.                    (Thu) Look outside -- what is your daydream for today? Where does your mind wander? Can you make this daydream a reality? Dreams can become reality.  Do you want this daydream to become yours? Why? 
15.                    (Fri) What image do you think you project to others? Are you happy with those perceptions? Are there at least two (2) things you want to change about these perceptions about yourself? How will you approach or take steps to correct misconceptions?  How can you reinforce the positive aspects about you that other people see?
16.                    (Sat) Thinking back to yesterday's prompt, do you think the "wrong" perceptions others may have about you are really the direct result of your behavior around them? Why would someone think this perceived wrong thing about you unless you projected it in some way? Are you being honest with yourself?  Do you project an unwelcomed trait subconsciously? Why do you think you might be doing this? Is there a personality conflict and you subconsciously react negatively to it?  Don't forget to review your week, your accomplishments, successes and update your to-do list for next week. 

17.                     (Sun) How was your week?  Did you learn anything about yourself or your behavior? Did you have good interpersonal relationships with others? Did you identify any issues you want to explore further?    Update your to-do list, reward your successes, identify areas of improvement, and move unfinished items to next week’s list.
18.                    (Mon) Turn on some favorite music. How does it affect your mood? How does it make you feel?  After your journaling, create an intuitive art journal page while listening to this same music. Let your creativity flow with the music, then share it with us.
19.                    (Tues) Create a list of your ideal, top travel  destinations. Circle the one that mean the most to you, then journal about why it is important!  Create an art journal page of your ideal destination.
20.                    (Wed) What one person in your family or circle of closest friends means the most to you, and why? 
21.                    (Thu) What did you want “to be” when you grew up? Did you pursue this dream or go in a different direction in adulthood?  Why did you “want to be …x” when you were young?  Was someone special influential in this dream?
22.                    (Fri) What leisure activity gives you the most pleasure in your life, and why? 
23.                     (Sat) How did you week go? Hectic? Slow paced? What did you accomplish this week? What needs follow-up or more work? Update your to-do list for next week.  Talk positively about your accomplishments this week.   

24.                    (Sun)   Relax today and free-write. Let your random thoughts, plans, and ideas spew forth onto the page. Address personal concerns about your health, finances, children or whatever is troubling you. By expressing these concerns, and identifying them, you are on the road to positive solutions. Come back to them as you need to analyze the issues, put forth possible solutions or answers, and finally, the eventual resolution. Don’t forget to hashtag a keyword on the bottom of the page for easy future reference. 
25.                     (Mon) Back to the grind. Do you look forward to Mondays or dread them? Why?  If you dread Monday, is there anything you can do to change your outlook or perspective to turn it to something positive to look forward to each week? 
26.                    (Tues) Describe in detail, using descriptive terms, something beautiful you saw today.  Entice yourself to love it more.  
27.                    (Wed) Those aches and pains – what physical ailments trouble you? Are they debilitating? Just troublesome? Do they affect others around you? Do they cause emotional stress for you?  
28.                    (Thu) Is the sun shining where you are today? Is the weather miserable? How is the weather affecting you? Are you routinely affected by changes in the weather? What positive steps can you do to change any adverse reactions to the weather?
29.                     (Fri) You made it through another week!  What made you happy this week? What disappointed you, if anything?  
30.                    (Sat) The power of positivity!  We all need more positive reinforcement in our lives, so today, write about at least five (5) positive things in your life this month. Talk about your accomplishments, blessings, successes, achieved goals, personal relationships, etc.  Tell yourself how good you did & toot your own horn!
31.                    (Sun ) Follow up today on some of your personal concerns identified last week. Review progress. Are there any additional thought processes or solutions/ideas? Address other concerns or ideas that popped up this past week. Update your to-do list for the coming week. Did you fall short anywhere this past week? Highlight your successes and accomplishments!


32.                    (Mon) A fresh new month!  To build, develop and maintain a constant positive outlook, live each day like a fresh, pristine page upon which you write your successes, plans, hopes and dreams.  Only you can create these – so approach each new day with an open mind and a willing spirit.  What negative issues and attitudes can you eliminate from  your life, right now, and start fresh?  Identify and eliminate this negativity starting today!  Reinforce this positively in your life by stating “I will … I am… “
33.                    (Tue) What steps to a healthier you are you following or instituting in your life? Have you made a solid commitment?  Identify necessary changes, a plan to correct issues and commit to a healthier you, a healthier year! 
34.                    (Wed) With regard to a healthier you, is it time to visit your primary care physician? The dentist?  Call today and make appointments with those you’ve been neglecting or procrastinating about.  Ask yourself why do you procrastinate taking care of yourself, if you do.  Is there fear involved? Anxiety? General procrastination? Lack of funds/insurance?  What professional medical care do you need to address, and why.      ALTERNATE:  What healthy foods or activities do you routinely have in your diet and life? 
35.                     (Thu) Phone a friend.  Call a friend today that you’ve lost touch with or haven’t spoken to in ages.  Write about your conversation. 
36.                    (Fri) Mend a fence.  We all have fences somewhere, with someone, that needs mending.  Who is that person for you? Why do you need to mend this fence?  When are you going to take that first step to start the healing process?  Commit to it, and begin to heal. 
37.                    (Sat) How did your week go?  Address all the positive things that happened in your world this week, no matter how small. Resolve to rectify wrongs or improve shortcomings and make a definite plan for doing so.  Update your to-do list for next week.
38.                    (Sun) – some creative writing today.  Write a short story about you, a winged donkey and a train. 

39.                     (Mon) Write about your very first car – how you came to have it, how long you had it, what you loved about it, hated about it. Attach a photo into your journal if you have one. 
40.                     (Tue) List ten (10) descriptive words that can paint a picture of who you are. 
41.                     (Wed) Write about the love of your life – unrequited or found. How do you feel about this person today? 
42.                    (Thu) Best Valentine’s Day memory of your life. 
43.                     (Fri) Flowers or candy, and why? 
44.                     (Sat) What plans, if any, do you have for Valentine’s Day this year?  Expectations?  Then, follow up on your week. Did you meet all your goals and tasks for the week? Fall short somewhere? Did you benefit from your writing this week? Update “Issues” and continue to outline a plan of resolution. Update your to-do list for next week. Pat yourself on the back!

45.                    (Sun) Valentine’s Day!  How did you spend your day today? Did it meet all your expectations or disappoint?  
46.                     (Mon) How are you feeling emotionally today? Uplifted? Let down or disappointed?  What can you do tomorrow, next week, next month, next year to either relive or diminish this same emotional response?
47.                    (Tue) If you could invite any three (3) people in the world, living or dead, to a private, intimate dinner party, who would you want as your guests, and why? 
48.                     (Wed) Give yourself permission to be “enough.”  Reinforce positives in your life.  Use language like “I am good enough…  I am a good mother/sister/aunt … , etc.”  Give yourself permission to try new things, to share more freely, to be open to new possibilities, opportunities, friendships.  Add a meaningful, positive quote to today’s writing.  Express your emotions in a creative, artful way if you are so inclined. 
49.                     (Thu) Fill in this blank 10 times:  “By the grace of God, I am _____________.”  If you are a non-believer, or prefer, use this phrase: “My life is enriched because __________.” 
50.                     (Fri) Today, strike up a conversation with a relative stranger about current events. Recount that conversation and how it made you feel.  Or reach out to an online friend that you need (or want) to get to know better, then write about it.  
51.                    (Sat) Review your week – highlights, emotions, pitfalls and successes. Did Valentine’s Day bring or remove stress from your week? What goals did you meet or which ones still need work? Update next week’s to-do list. 

52.                      (Sun) You just inherited 5 million dollars from a benevolent great uncle.  What will you do with the money? Do you think it will significantly impact you life or the life of others?  How? 
53.                      (Mon) Compare and contrast your favorite writing instruments. Use visual descriptors (perhaps a drawing or two?) and analyze the ink, the point, ease of use, comfort, portability, etc. 
54.                     (Tue) What one piece of jewelry that you own holds the most significance and why? Sketch it into your journal or add a photo. 
55.                    (Wed) Name one skill you want to improve and possible solutions for doing so. 
56.                     (Thu) Sunrise or sunset, and why?  Perhaps enjoy one or the other today, and talk about it. 
57.                     (Fri) As you think about a sunrise or sunset, of all that you have experienced in your lifetime – which one stands out the most to you, and why? 
58.                      (Sat) What plans do you have for the weekend? Sum up your week. Think about the goals you met and your successes.  Pat yourself on the back for the successes, and itemize those where you fell a bit short for the week. Set new goals for next week and update your to-do list.
59.                    (Sun 2/28) Take on an emotionally fulfilling activity today and write about the experience.  Add a meaningful quote today. 
60.                      (Mon) LEAP YEAR DAY.  A relatively rare occurrence – you get an extra day today!  Free write and let the dreams and ideas flow.  If you have special plans for this special day, what are they?

* * * MARCH, 2016 * * *
61.                     (Tues) THE IDES OF MARCH.  Do you see any early signs of spring in your area? If yes, what are you seeing? Are you feeling any emotional connection to the weather? If no, and winter still has you in its grasp, what are you doing to prepare for spring?
62.   (Wed) List 10 things you see or do in the spring that brings you joy and makes you happy.
63.   (Thu) What accolades, honors or awards have you received in connection with your work? How did this make you feel.  If you have not ever received such an award, how could you proceed to do so.  ALTERNATE:  What areas of your life do you excel in, and how can you improve other areas you feel need work?
 64. (Fri) Write a 5-7-5 Haiku poem today.  It does not have to rhyme or necessarily make sense. 
65.  (Sat) Think of as many adjectives as you can that start with “A”.  Sum up your week. Analyze your goals and successes and assess areas that might have fallen short. Sort out a brief plan for those shortfalls to bring resolution and success. How did your emotions go this week? Is there room for improvement? Update your to-do list.

66.  (Sun) Roadtrips are full of wonderful experiences. Tell about one of your best or most favorite, and why.  Add a quote about travel.
67.   (Mon) What do you like about your phone? Best features, provider, ease of use? What do you dislike about it?
68.   (Tues) What outdoor activity do you enjoy and why? How does it make you feel? What skills are required? When did you first do this? Who introduced you to it?
69.   (Wed) Shoes.  How many pair of shoes do you own? Which are your favorites? Which pair is the oldest and how long have you had them? What is special about them? Are you sentimentally attached to any of your shoes? Do you like shopping for them or have a shoe fetish?
70.   (Thu) List your top 10 favorite foods. Which is the most gratifying and why?
71.   (Fri) This year’s vacation ideas – it is never too soon to plan. Add a photo, magazine clip or drawing of your first choice.
72.   (Sat) Weekend Plans. Sum up your week; reflect on your successes, short falls, goals. Update your to-do list for next week and follow up as complete! 

73.  (Sun)   Set new short term goals to achieve over the next few weeks. Refer back to them often & work diligently and with confidence to get them accomplished. Give yourself deadlines & result expectations. As you meet each new goal, write about how you feel about this accomplishment. Re-prioritize any unfinished goals and move forward.
 74. (Mon) Write a funny limerick today.  “There once was a man named _________”  
75.  (Tue) If you were represented by a color, what would it be and why? 
76.   (Wed) List some things new you want to try, whether art techniques, learning to play guitar, go skydiving, etc.  Something you’ve always wanted to do.  Then write about why you want to do them. 
77.   (Thu) What one thing on yesterday’s list interests you the most, and why? How can you facilitate making it happen? Set a short term goal and target date for attainment and work toward success! Once met, write about the experience. 
78.   (Fri) ST PATRICK’S DAY Are you celebrating this day in any way? Going out? Party at work? Does this day hold any special memories from the past? 
79. (Sat) Review your week. What did you accomplish, where did you fall short? Status of your short term goals. How has your mood been this week? Are you taking steps to reinforce all the positive aspects of your life?  Also:  think of ways you can give back, pay it forward or help in your community for the betterment of others. Volunteer opportunities? Is there a project in your neighborhood that needs attention that you can lead, organize or help with? Identify at least two (2) areas where you can participate and help make a difference in someone else’s life.

80.  (Sun)   Spend time today doing something of a spiritual nature. Then write about your thoughts and emotions afterward. Perhaps today is a good day for you to sit quietly and reflect on all the blessings and positive aspects of your life.  Reinforce the positive today. 
81.  (Mon) What is your perfect, ideal day, and why?
82.   (Tue) Who was your favorite band, music group or singer when you were a teen, and why?
83.   (Wed) What is your weekday morning routine? Is it the same every day? Do you ever vary it?
84.   (Thu) What TV show is your very favorite right now, and why? Genre, stars? What is it about the show that intrigues or delights you?
85.   (Fri) How many descriptive words can you list that start with the letter “B”? 
86.  (Sat) Write about something that you have always regretted in your life. Can you change it now? Did you change it? Why do you have this regret and how do you feel about it now? How does thinking about this regret make you feel.  Also: Sum up and review your week. Re-adjust your short term goals and update your to-do list for next week. 
87.  (Sun)  Make a list of at least 5 positive or happy things that happened last week and add a quote that makes you smile.
88.  (Mon)  What bad habit do you have that you need to break, and why.  Set a 21-day challenge for yourself to break this habit.  A start date, target date and success date. Track your progress daily until you are 100% successful.
89. (Tues)  Write about Puppies. How you react to them, how they make you feel, what you like or dislike about them. How many puppies have you had in your lifetime? Who was your favorite?
90. (Weds)  Societal Irritants - What one thing that occurs frequently in your world irritates you most, and why?  (e.g. - being put on hold, rude drivers, idiot sales clerks, etc).
91. (Thurs) If you could have an emotionally significant conversation with someone in your family, who would it be, and why; and what do you want to talk about, resolve or discuss?

* * * APRIL, 2016 * * *
92. (Fri) What plans do you have for the weekend? Are they task or chore oriented, or fun? Did you pull any April Fool jokes today? Has someone ever pulled one on you? If so, recount the joke and how you reacted to it.
93. (Sat)  Review your week in detail. How things went in general, how your mood and emotions went through the week. Could you have handled anything different? Review your short term goals,   update as necessary, and update your to-do list for next week.

94. (Sun)  What is on your reading list right now? What are you currently reading? Fiction or non-fiction? Why did you choose this book, and how does it make you feel? Is reading an escape mechanism?  Why?
 95.   (Mon) What do you know about your ancestors? Does one in particular stand out? Tell something about this person or a family legend that has been told to you.
96.   (Tues) Families are the fabric of our lives. Who in your family – past or present – is the most colorful and why?
97.   (Wed) What one thing did you learn from someone in your family, living or ded, that has held you in good stead? Advice, a skill, a lifestyle, an attitude?
98.   (Thu) What important value that you hold in high regard will you / did you / or would you teach to or pass on to children in your life, and why?
99.   (Fri) Birthday Traditions – What is the birthday celebration tradition in your family. If no tradition, recall your favorite birthday and why it is significant to you.
100.   (Sat) Review your week, your successes and where you feel short. How did your writing this week make you feel? Review and update your short term goals and update your to-do list for next week.      
101.  (Sun) Who is your "angel on earth" and why?
102.  (Mon) What one thing about your spouse or significant other do you admire most & why? If none, what one person actively involved in your life now has a trait or characteristic you admire; what is the trait and why do you admire it?  Can you adopt this trait or characteristic into your own life? Will you? They say the things we see in others are already within us. Do you just need to practice this trait or characteristic more so that it becomes a habit for you? 
103.   (Tues) Do you feel you are lacking a positive characteristic or trait? Why do you think this? How can you develop this info your lifestyle, daily habits & routine behavior? Will this characteristic improve your self-image? If so, commit to bringing this trait to reality.
104.   (Wed) Think about how you react to criticism and negative feedback. Do you over-react? Do you get offended? Do you look at it as an avenue for improvement? Explore how you can positively accept and deal with this type of criticism so that you turn it into a positive, learning experience to improve yourself and your life.
105.   (Thu) How do you handle POSITIVE praise and reinforcement. 
106.   (Fri) TAX DAY!  How do you prepare to file your taxes? Are you always prepared or scrambling at the last minute? How can you minimize the stress of filing your return? Develop a plan and commit to it.  Reward: Peace of mind and minimal stress.
107. (Sat) Review your week in detail—your successes, and areas where you fell short.  How did your writing this week make you feel? How did you handle stress this week? Have any revelations about yourself this week? Update & revise your short term goals, and update your to-do list for next week.                           

108.  (Sun) Life can  change in a split second for better or worse.  Has your life changed suddenly at some point, and was it for better or worse? How did it affect your life?
109.   (Mon) “Simple, genuine goodness is the best capital to found the business of this life. It lasts when fame and money fail, and it is the only riches we can take out of this world with us.”  -- Louisa May Alcott in Little Men        What feelings or emotions does this quote evoke for you?
110.   (Tue) How do you feel about aging and growing old?
111.   (Wed) What one key wisdom do you with to learn and to teach others before you depart from this earth?
112.   (Thu) What epitath would you want on your tombstone, and why?
113.   (Fri) Do you think about your own demise? What positive impressions of yourself do  you want people to remember about you when you are gone?  How can you ensure you leave these memories with your contemporaries and descendants? 
114.  (Sat) Review your week, your accomplishments, successes and where you fell short. Explore the short falls. How can you make improvement? How did your writing this week affect you? Did you realize there are some important details you need to attend to or plan for? Update your short term goals and your to-do list for next week.     

115.   (Sun) List at least 5 positive or happy things that happened in your world last week.

116.   (Mon) What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail, and why?
117.   (Tue) “Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”  ~~David G Allen      In what areas of your life do you need to improve your patience threshold? How will you plan to do this? What things try your patience to the point of distraction? Examine closely. Is there anything you can do about them?
118.   (Wed) “The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle.”  ~~ Stephen King
      In what scares the heebeejeebees out of you? Why do you think you have this/these fears? Are you being unrealistic? Did a specific event cause the fear? Have you worked on eliminating or alleviating this fear from your life? Do you need professional counseling for it? Does it affect your daily life? How do you handle the fear when confronted by the object of this fear?
119.   (Thu) Who would you like to tell “go to hell” and why?  Can this relationship be salvaged or is it beyond repair?
120.   (Fri) Where were you this time last year, physically and emotionally?  What improvements to your lifestyle and emotions have been made (or changed) in the last year? Where do you want to be this same time next year? 
121. (Sat) Review your week, your accomplishments, successes and where you fell short. Explore the short falls. How can you make improvement? How did your writing this week affect you?  Review & update your short term goals & update your to-do list for next week.        
      How does spring make you feel? Are you feeling a sense of renewal, anxious to dig in the dirt? Feel the need to get outside?

MAY, 2016
122.  (Sun) How do you handle disappointment? Do you retreat and withdraw? Do you speak Angry words to people who cause you disappointment? Do you give up or push through to find a solution to prevent such disappointment in the future?
123.  (Mon) Make a list of things that really "get your goat". In other words, what really riles you up? Explore why these things irritate you.
124.  (Tues)   Make a list of your all-time favorite movies. Then select one of these favorites, and write about why you love it so much.
125. (Wed) What is your current secret obsession?  Is it a good or a bad thing?
126. (Thu)  If you could live anywhere in the world, without having any financial constraints, where would that be, and why?
127. (Fri)  What is the ideal way for you to start your day? What is perfection to you in the mornings?
128. (Sat) Describe and discuss your relationship with your mother or the mother figure in your life. How did your relationship with her reveal itself in your adult life?

129. (Sun) Tell about this: "For this experience, I will never be the same..."
130. (Mon) What parts of yourself (emotionally) do you regularly hide from others, and why?
131. (Tues) Describe a "failure" in your life that actually turned out to be a blessing.
132. (Wed) "Lost time is never found again" ~~ Benjamin Franklin. Identify wasted time occurring in your life and how you can recapture this time to turn it into productive or time well spent.
133. (Thu) "Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your action." ~~ Dalai Lama. How can you pro-actively interject more happiness into your life? Do you need to adjust your attitude toward people, places, things? Get out more? Exercise? Spend more time with loved ones? Think of ways to increase your happiness quotient. 
134. (Fri) Friday the 13th.  Are you superstitious? Do you throw salt over your shoulder? Avoid walking under ladders?  List any superstitions you have or things you do to bring good luck.
135. (Sat) Review your week, your successes and accomplishments and areas where you fell short on your goals for the week. Amend your weekly goals and assess any possible pitfalls. How did your writing affect you this week?  Positive, negative, no change? Update your to-do list for next week.   ALT: What smell evokes a reaction in you, good or bed? Is it associated with a specific event?

136. (Sun) Reward yourself today for meeting your goals, keeping up with your journaling and for inserting positive energy into your everyday life.  What will you do to celebrate this success?
137. (Mon) "Letting go doesn't mean that you don't care about someone anymore. It's just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself." ~~Deborah Reber 
Is there someone in your circle you had to "let go"?  Need to let go?  Why,, and what positive effect in your life will be or was served by doing so?
138. (Tues) Do a brain dump today.  Items that are troubling you, long range plans, hopes & dreams, things you need to remember, goals you need to incorporate, things that need follow up, art ideas, experiments you want to try, etc.  Review this dump periodically and add items to your action list as you can incorporate them.
139. (Wed) "Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be."  ~~Unknown
What do you need to let go of to free up positive mind and heart space?
140. (Thu) Are you over-committed? Review your personal and professional obligations. What can you eliminate that will free up more time in your life for positive and more rewarding activities and downtime?
141. (Fri) List as many descriptive words as you can that start with the letter "C"
142. (Sat) How do you handle rejection? Are you accepting and let the rejection push you harder or do you over-react or wallow in self deprecation and self pity? How can you turn an act of rejection around into a positive influence.  Remember to review your week, update your to-do list for next week. Update and revise your short term goals, and pat yourself on the back for all your accomplishments this week!

143. (Sun) Let your mind wander today in your writing. What new ideas of creative endeavors do you want to try? Lessons to be learned? Areas of self-exploration you need to work on. Develop a heart-smart plan for yourself. Look in the mirror and add a rough sketch "selfie" with your journaling!
144. (Mon) Write a short story about being on a deserted island with nothing but your journal, a pen, a rope and a tennis ball.
145. (Tues) List at least 10 descriptive words that start with the letter "D"
146. (Wed) TOXIC PEOPLE:  We all encounter and have toxic people in our lives--either in real life or our online acquaintances. How do you do you deal with the toxic people you encounter? What can you do to limit your exposure to toxic people who suck the life and positive energy out of your world?  Resolve to eliminate this type of negativity from your life with positive self-talk.
147. (Thu)  If you could become one animal in the world, what would you choose and why?
148. (Fri) Do you have a "Friday" ritual? Write about it - or - what plans do you have today that are outside your normal routine?
149. (Sat) Name three places that make you feel whole and discuss why; their significance and importance. Remember to review your week, update your future goals and your to-do list for next week.

150. (Sun) If I look deep to the very depths of who I am, I would find ...
151. (Mon) Name at least 5 activities that you feel good and feel like yourself.
152. (Tues)  List Ten (10) things that delight you, and talk about why.
153. (Wed) What do you wish people just accepted about you?
154. (Thu)  One thing nobody knows about me is _______.  Why don't people know this? Do you hide it from them? If so, why?  Can you change it? Would you? Is it shameful to you?
155. (Fri) The one thing I really want people TO know about me is _______.  Why?
156. (Sat) Did you have any breakthroughs this week in your writing?  Review all your successes and shortfalls from the week. Analyze areas that need improvement. Don't forget to update your short and long-term goals and your to-do list for next week.

157. (Sun) When was the first time you were confronted with a part of yourself you really didn't want to acknowledge? What was it? Have you dealt with this in a way it is no longer an issue, or does it still haunt or plague you? What can you do to proactively change it into a positive?
158. (Mon) What is a quality about you that you do not like? Can you change it? Does this quality cause you difficulties in your everyday life?
159. (Tues) What parts of yourself are you holding onto that no longer are a true part of who you want to be?
160. (Wed) What is something unique about your family that you are grateful for?
161. (Thu) You are loved!  How do your friends, family and significant people in your life show or express their love to you? How do you show love to them?
162. (Fri) Trust your instincts.  Describe a situation where your instinct about a person or situation was right on.  Do you have a lot of intuitive situations in your life? Do you follow your gut?
163. (Sat) Insert positive affirmations into your daily journaling, such as "I can ... I am ... I will ... I am capable of...   Review your week, your successes, accomplishments and areas where you fell short. Figure out a way to turn around your set-backs. Don't forget to review and update your task list for next week.

164. (Sun) You are strong!  List areas you believe are your weaknesses and develop a plan to improve them.
165. (Mon) List areas of your life and personality you believe are your strengths and your talents.
166. (Tues) Tell about things you do in your daily life that make a difference for others.  If you are not really doing this, what can you do to help make a difference for others or give back to your community or people in your life?
167. (Wed) Describe your best friend and your relationship. Add a photo to your journal.
168. (Thu) Your Ideas Matter!  What ideas do you have that need to be shared with someone else? Resolve to quit holding back! Step out of your comfort zone and be heard. Present those ideas!!
169. (Fri) I'm Listening!  Being an effective listener is one of the most prized skills you can possess.  Are you a good listener? Do you know how to effectively listen and then respond? Resolve to practice good listening skills to build confidence in yourself and confidence others have in you. Do some research. Review studies and articles on effective listening.
170. (Sat) How did your writing impact you this week? Are you learning new things about yourself and working on your self-identified issues? Did you have any added stressors this week? What can you do about them?  Make a list, then cross off the ones totally out of your control and STOP worrying about them. Accept the things you cannot change and have the wisdom to know the difference.  Don't forget to review and update your task list, short and long term goals.

171.  (Sun) ANGER - AN HONEST EMOTION  How do you deal with situations or people that make you angry? Do you go ballistic? Shut down? Do you have a volatile personality that incites anger in others? How can you effectively manage your emotions to control your anger?
172. (Mon) What parts of your life are most distracting, keeping you from being present and totally mindful?
173. (Tues) What areas of your life do you feel like you are just 'surviving' and not fully engaging in?
174. (Wed) Are there activities or people with whom you engage but drain you mentally or emotionally? What do you need to do to disengage them  from your life so that you may live more happily?
175. (Thu) REFOCUSING OUR PRIORITIES.  It is difficult to focus on our true priorities when we are pulled in every direction by our obligations and adult responsibilities.  Assuming daily needs must happen out of necessity, make a list of other commitments, obligations & distractions in your life.  Mark each with an A, B or C priority.  Then truly assess each level and determine if any of them can be moved to a lower priority or eliminated entirely, and whether they are taking you in the direction you really need to go.  Eliminate or re-prioritize items that are totally immaterial, eat up your mental energy, sanity and quality time.  Re-evaluate your lists again.  Over-commitment is a stress hazard. Make a plan to do less with more quality time for your overall sense of happiness and well-being.
176. (Fri) What makes you feel loved?
177. (Sat)  Review your week. Do you feel good about re-prioritizing your commitments? How did your writing go this week? Re-evaluate your short & long term goals and objectives. Update your task list for next week.

178. (Sun) Who do you respect and why?
179.  (Mon) Can you run out of love?
180.  (Tues) Is there someone you wish you could tell one more time how much you love them? Write a letter telling them.
181.  (Wed) Do you ever "come down on" (emotionally bite) the people you love *too hard* because you are afraid for them? Write about the intersection of love and fear in your life.
182.  (Thu)  What is your favorite summer activity, and why?
183.  (Fri July 1)  What are your Independence Day plans?  Alt:  What does patriotism mean to you?
184.  (Sat - July 2)  How did you do with your writing this week? Do you feel you are making any personal progress and growth, both emotionally and/or spiritually?  Examine areas of growth you still want to explore. Make a list, and work on those things this coming week with your journaling.  Review your week, your successes, accomplishments and areas where you may have fallen short. Re-assess short and long term goals, and update your task list for the coming week.

JULY, 2016

185.  (Sun) The year has reached the halfway point. How are you doing with your journaling?Are you journaling daily? Do you need to recommit to it? Are you realizing any benefit from journaling and enjoying the process?  Are you making progress on your short & long-term goals? Now is the time to re-evaluate and re-assess.  Renew your commitment to make this the year of YOU, and keep up the great work in your journals!
186.  (Mon) What do you need to accept, and why?
187.  (Tues)  Make a list of some of the acts of kindness you have received -- big or small, tangible or intangible.
188. (Wed)  What are some unrealistic expectations or demands that you have for yourself? Why do you have these expectations or self-demands?  Be truly honest with yourself.
189. (Thu) How do you react to and feel about this quote? Does it speak to you? How and why?  "Everything you can imagine is real" -- Pablo Picasso
190. (Fri) Write about the most or an embarrassing moment in your life that is funny now, looking back in retrospect.
191. (Sat) Review your week, your successes, accomplishments and areas where you fell short on your goals, tasks and aspiration. How were your emotions this week? Did you have any self-realizations or revelations? Did you make any new resolutions? Don't forget to update your goals and task lists for next week.

192. (Sun) List as many of your simple and/or guilty pleasures as you can. Pick one from the list and do it this week and report back to your journal about the experience.
193. (Mon)  What does 'having momentum" mean to you?
194. (Tues) "Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak. Sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go." ~~Unknown.  What does this quote say to you? Create a visual art page to include in your journal about it or your response to it.
195. (Wed) How do you subconsciously complicate simple situations? Be honest & truthful with yourself.  Do you tend to over-react? Get too emotional? Over think them? Try to involve others unnecessarily?  How can you stop doing the negative things?
 196. (Thu) Create a detailed plot line for a short story (or write a whole short story) about a resourceful cheerleader / during a bank robbery / who must jump from a skyscraper to avoid capture.
197. (Fri) List as many descriptive words as you can that start with "F".  Write at least 3 sentences using some of these descriptive words. Share your sentences!
198. (Sat) Review your week, your successes, achievements & accomplishments. Address areas where you may have fallen short & develop a plan of action to remedy. Re-assess your short and long term goals. Don't forget to update your task list for next week!

199. (Sun) Write about your first kiss. Who was it with? Where were you? How old were you? How did it make you feel afterward? How does it make you feel now to recall it?
200. (Mon) Journal about something you once thought impossible that you made possible.
201. (Tues) What do people say you are good at? How does it make you feel to be recognized for these traits or skills?
202. (Wed)  If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.” – unknown
Journal about something you want to do or try, but your nagging or self-doubting voice tells you not to or that you can’t … making you hesitant to take that first step. What are some of the reasons this loud inner critic gives you?  THEN—take a red pen or marker and strike out those negative reasons, then paste an image over the negative words that represent your desire.  Now, journal about how you will go about proving this naysayer wrong and how great it is going to feel to achieve this desire.  Set a realistic plan to accomplish this desire and work on succeeding at its accomplishment.
203. (Thu) “Perpetual worry will get you to one place ahead of time – the cemetery.”  ~~ unknown.
What has been on your worry list lately? Can you realistic ally do anything about these worries?  If not, express your concerns and then let them go. Worrying over things totally out of your control create added and unnecessary stress in your life. What worrisome items on this list are within your control?  Circle them. Address each item individually to develop a plan of resolution to eliminate the worry. Add to your short term goal list, and then stop worrying!  Take action where you can and accept there are things in this world we have no control over.
204. (Fri) Make a list of things or places you find calming. Pick one and do it this weekend and report back to your journal.
205. (Sat) List 5 things in your life you are grateful for this week. Then review your week—your accomplishments, successes and areas where you fell short. Assess how you can turn around any shortcomings; update your short term goals list and your task list for next week.

206.   (Sun) Write about the most hilarious joke you ever heard. Include the situation, people you were with, and of course, the joke. How did you react to it? Have you retold it?
207. (Mon)  "Better bread with water than cake with trouble" -- Russian Proverb    What is your financial situation? In what areas of your expenditures can you eliminate or economize? How many of your expenditures are "wants" instead of "needs"?  What steps can you take to increase your savings? Review and revise your monthly budget to improve your overall financial prosperity.
208. (Tues) How is the summer weather affecting you, if at all. Physically? Emotionally? Are you able to get outside, more or less? Have you had to modify your daily activities due to the weather?
209. (Wed) Add a photograph or image from nature that pleases you. Journal about why you selected this image and how it makes you feel looking at it.
210.  (Thur) Make a list of descriptive words that begin with the letter "G" and write 3 sentences using some of these words. Look up the meaning of any words you don't know the definition, and write out that definition. Try using unknown words in a sentence.
211.  (Fri)  What are your weekend plants?  Looking forward to them, or dreading them?
212.  (Sat)  Review your week. Pat yourself on the back for the successes and accomplishments, big or small. How can you turn areas where you fell short this week into a success or accomplishment?  Don't forget to update your task list for next week and review your short and long-term goals.     

August, 2016

213. (Sun July 31) I would like to improve my relationship with __________ because:
         What are the main problems with this relationship? What solutions can you think of? What are some good points of the relationship? For example, at the worst, this relationship may have taught you about how not to treat other people.  What would the benefits of this relationship working better be?
214.  (Mon) What inspires you?
215.  (Tue) Select a current news event.  How does the event make you feel? Impact you? Incite you to take action?
216.  (Wed) I am grateful for my sense of ______ (sight, taste, smell, hearing) because ...
217.  (Thu) What do you think about the statement "crying is a sign of weakness" ?
218.  (Fri) Stick an old family photo (or copy) into your journal. Tell as much about it as you can. Who are the people? What are they doing? Where and when was it taken?  
219.  (Sat) Doodle a meaningful word or phrase from your week that resonates with you.  Then, review your week in detail, all your accomplishments, successes and areas where you may have fallen short. Don't forget to update your short and long term goals, as necessary, and your task list for next week. 

220. (Sun) School will be starting soon across the country. Recall a favorite teacher and journal about him/her and why this teacher is important to you.
221. (Mon) Make a list of all the delicious foods you love to eat, whether they are good for you or not. Then select one, and write a description of this food as if someone is hearing about it for the very first time.
222. (Tues) Find a word in the dictionary you do not know. Inscribe the word and definition into your journal, then use it in at least one sentence.
223. (Wed) Journal about a time in  your life when everything went your way.
224. (Thu) If you had the ability to influence the minds of others for 24 hours, what would you do and why?
225. (Fri) Create a list of your favorite actors / actresses with their best or most memorable roles. Pick one and describe why you really like it.
226. (Sat) My ideal body would be ...
     After you've had fun creating your ideal body, review your week, pat yourself on the back for your successes and accomplishments, review areas where you fell short, update your short and long-term goals as needed and your task list(s) for next week. 

227. (Sun) Write "I am awesome because..." and proceed to list all the reasons you are awesome.
228. (Mon) On a double page spread, write your Mother's (or your mother figure) name in the top center of the left page and your Father's (or father figure) name across the top center of the right page.  Under each, name their qualities, values, skills, talents, nature, habits, temperaments, lessons they taught you, their style, etc.  Then, circle the qualities you inherited and underline the one would you like to have for yourself.  Add a photo.
229. (Tue) Set a timer for 15 minutes. Start writing and do not stop. Whatever thoughts cross your mind, write them down. No censoring and don't worry about spelling or punctuation. Just clear your mind of all the mental clutter out onto the page. This is a brain dump. After the 15 minutes has expired, stop writing, relax and reward yourself.
230. (Wed) Create a list of things you enjoy doing alone.
231. (Thur) What are you most excited about right now, and why?
232. (Fri) Create a list of things you enjoy doing with others.
233. (Sat) "To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe." ~~Anatole France  Review your week; update your long and short term goals, and don't forget to update your task list for next week.

234. (Sun) Think about your greatest fear. Now write a short story about someone overcoming that same fear.
235. (Mon) I am a self-confessed __________.  Journal about it.
236. (Tues) I am grateful for my sense of touch because __________.
237. (Wed) List at least 50 practical, creative or ridiculous uses for one of the following:
     A paper clip
     A pencil
     A piece of ribbon
     A used book
     A shipping container
     A dog collar
     A light bulb
     A sheet of copy paper
238. (Thurs) Relate to this quote.  What do you think it means? Does it evoke any emotions or feelings?  "You can't stop the waves but you can learn to surf" ~~ unknown
239. (Fri) Call, text or message someone you have not spoken to in a long time. Report back to your journal about this experience.
240. (Sat) "All that we are, is a result of what we have thought." ~~ Buddha
     Review your week in details, the ups, downs, successes, areas where you fell short. Update your long and short term goals if necessary, and review/revise your task list for next week.

241. (Sun) "The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude." ~~ Oprah Winfrey
          How does your attitude affect your life and personal relationships? How can you reinforce positive aspects of your life to remove negative attitudes and behaviors? Establish some goals in this regard and work toward them every week, and update your journal each week on your progress to a kinder, gentler and more positive you!  It will greatly impact your daily outlook on life and your attitude.  Perhaps start each day with a positive quote or saying... e.g.... "Today is going to be a great day!"
242. (Mon) Recall a previous triumph or success and journal about it. "When you think you can't, revisit a previous triumph."  ~ Jack Canfield
243. (Tues) "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do."  ~~ Eleanor Roosevelt
          We all know our self-confidence only grows when we expand our comfort zones, so journal about a time when you pushed your boundaries and felt rewarded with a boost of self-confidence afterwards. List at least 5 things you could do to earn more self-confidence.
244. (Wed) What are some of your favorite books, and why? 


245. (Thurs 09/01) Fill an entire page writing about something you use daily -- without using the name or explaining exactly what it does.
246. (Fri 09/02) Make a list of all the descriptive words you can think of that start with the letter "I".  Use at least a different word in three different sentences, utilizing your "i" descriptors.
247. (Sat 09/03) ACTION DAY: Perform a random act of kindness (RAK) for a complete stranger today and then journal about the experiencce and how it made you feel. Then review your week, your successes, accomplishments, areas where you might have fallen short; update your long and short term goals list if necessary and your task list for next week.     

248.  (Sun 09/04) Journal about your most inappropriate crush.
249.  (Mon 09/05) If you had to be a mythical creature like a vampire, witch, fair, mermaid, etc., which would you choose and why?
250. (Tue 09/06) Write a limerick
251. (Wed 09/07) If someone handed you an envelope that you knew contained the exact date and time of your death, would you open it? Why or why not?
252. (Thur 09/08) "Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment" -- Jim Rohn
     In what areas of your life are you very disciplined? What areas of your life do you need to exercise or develop more discipline, and why?
253. (Fri 09/09) Are you for or against gun control and why?
254. (Sat 09/10) "To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will" -- Sugar Ray Robinson
     Are you a champion to yourself? Do you champion or encourage others around you? How can you become more of a champion to yourself and others to improve your self-confidence or the self-confidence of another?  Review your week, update your long-term task list, and your task list for next week.

255. (Sun 09/11)  ACTION DAY:  Photograph something you see today that inspires you in some way or makes you happy. Journal about why you are inspired by this thing or what about it makes you happy? Attach a copy of the image into your journal.
256. (Mon 09/12) How can you have fun without spending any money?
257. (Tues 09/13) What does love mean to you?
258. (Wed 09/14) Describe a song or piece of music that gets you emotional. Discuss why.
259. (Thur 09/15) What one place in the world do you want to watch the sun rise? Why?
260. (Fri 09/16) What one place in the world do you want to watch the sun set? Why?
261. (Sat 09/17) "If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." -- William Arthur Ward
     How can you apply this quote to your life. What dreams do you have that you know you can achieve if you just focus and keep moving forward?
    Review your week in detail; update next week's task list and your long term goal list.

262. (Sun 09/18) Discuss the benefits of accepting yourself completely. All of the good and not so good bits...
263. (Mon 09/19) Write a short story using the following information:  A fire dancer / a Russian Palace / desperate to fit in
264. (Tues 09/20) Write down 3 things you would like to say or ask your boss, teacher or someone in authority over you, past or present.  If you knew there would be no repercussions from the questions, how would you want them to respond to each?
265. (Wed 09/21) Journal about your first love. Who was it? What did you love about them? How did you feel when you were together? Or discuss what or were you are/were expecting from your first love.
266. (Thu 09/22) Find a "feel good" story from today's news or online. Describe the story and how it makes you feel.
267. (Fri 09/23) "Happiness always sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open." -- John Barrymore
    Describe a happy incident or event you never expected or saw coming. How did it make you feel?
268. (Sat 09/24) "Cheerfulness is the atmosphere under which all things thrive." -- John Paul Richter
     How can you insert more cheerful behavior and attitudes into your daily life? Don't forget to review your week in detail; update your task list for next week and your long-term goals.

269. (Sun 09/25) "The only difference between a rut and a grave is their dimensions." -- Ellen Glasgow
     Is your life in a rut? What areas? What can you do to shake things up?
270. (Mon 09/26)  ONE WORD.  If only one word was ever and associated with you, what do you hope it would be, and why?
271. (Tues 09/27) If you suddenly found yourself totally alone in the world, with no family, no spouse, no friends, children or relatives, what would be the first conversation you have with yourself?
272. (Wed 09/28) What 'truth revelation' about yourself has had the most impact on your life, and why?
273. (Thur 09/29) What one secret in your life have you never discussed with anyone, any why? Should you now face this secret to cleanse your spirit? Explore your options.
274. (Fri 09/30) What are you looking forward to in the coming months?


275. (Sat 10/01) "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible" -- Tony Robbins   
     How are you progressing on your long and short term goals? If you are falling behind, which items can you reasonably accomplish prior to the end of the year.  Consider re-prioritizing your goals and reduce your goal list to something that is manageable and achievable before year end.  Don't forget to review your week, your emotions this week, and where you succeeded and fell short.

276. (Sun 10/02) Being grateful for what we have and what we have attained in our lives allows us to see with some clarity where we could be instead of where we are.  List 10 things in your life you see as a blessing and that you are grateful for.
277. (Mon 10/03) What bad things happened to you in your life that were the best teachers? Why?
278. (Tues 10/04) Be authentically yourself. What part of your life are you not handling authentically? Why do you shield or guard others from seeing it?
279. (Wed 10/05) What is a fun day for you, and why?
280. (Thurs 10/06) Recall a special memory with a grandparent or elder in your life. Why is this memory special?
281. (Fri 10/07) "Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them" -- Bruce Lee
     Reflect on this quote. What do you understand it to mean? Does it resonate with you in some way? Have you made a mistake you need to admit?  Explore!
282. (Sat 10/08) Bring something associated with fall into some area of your home or photograph and add to your journal and describe the day or from where it came.  Review your week, update next week's task list and review those long term goals.

283. (Sun 10/09) Do you like the changing of the season? Why or why not?
284. (Mon 10/10) "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit." -- Aristotle      
        What bad habit do you want to break and why? Set up a plan of achievement, a target date and add to your goal list. Keep your progress updated, be your own CHAMPION and cheer yourself on for your progress.
285. (Tues 10/11) Journaling is a clearing of the mind. What other areas of your life need some clearing out?
     ACTION DAYStart today and clean out a drawer or cabinet that needs attention. Journal about completing this task successfully, then set up a weekly action plan to clear out one area a week that needs your attention.
286. (Wed 10/12)  What is your favorite fall dessert, and why?
287. (Thurs 10/13) Find a small fall image you like in a magazine or your art stash and affix it to your journal. What makes you happy about it or why do you like it?
288. (Fri 10/14) Have you ever entered a contest at a state or county fair? What was the result and journal about your experience.
     -- or -- Journal about visiting a state or county fair. Use vivid language to describe the sites, sounds, aromas, events, etc.
289.  (Sat 10/15)  What is your favorite way to relax on the weekends?  Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week, and your goals lists.

290. (Sun 10/16) Describe your relationships with your closest friends.
291. (Mon 10/17) Journal about one of the best decisions you ever made.
292. (Tues 10/18) Journal about one of the most impulsive and spontaneous things you've ever done.
293. (Wed 10/19) Journal about a time when you have felt lost, without hope and direction. How did you turn it around? Was someone or something instrumental in affecting the positive turnaround for this situation?
294. (Thurs 10/20) If you could choose, which era would you have liked to have been born into, and why?
295. (Fri 10/21) Create a Top 10 Fair Food list. What is the first food thing you always want at the fair, and why?
296. (Sat 10/22) What historical figure would you like to invite to dinner? What would you talk about? Why did you choose this person?
     Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and review your progress on your long term goals.

297. (Sun 10/23)  If you were suddenly given a super power, what would it be and why?
298. (Mon 10/24) Create your alter ego. What would your new name be? List personality traits you want, special talents or skills. What is the personal style, how would this 'person' carry themselves? In what situations would your alter ego be useful?
299. (Tues 10/25) Journal about a time when you really lost your temper.
300. (Wed 10/26) "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."  -- Coco Chanel
     Reflect on this quote. What is it saying to you. How can being "different" be a noticed feature for you?
301. (Thurs 10/27) Journal about an occasion/event/moment that exceeded your expectations. Did it impact your life in a positive or negative way?
302. (Fri 10/28) As a child, if you went trick-or-treating, journal about a memorable or favorite halloween costume.  If you didn't race for the candy, how did you celebrate halloween (or not)?
303. (Sat 10/29) "We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude." -- Cynthia Ozick
     Reflect on this quote. What things in your life should you be more thankful and grateful for? How can you bring this into focus.
     Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long term goals.

304. (Sun 10/30) What is a process that you can improve or streamline this coming month? Add it to your short term goals, and how you plan to attack the problem.
305. (Mon 10/31) What thing(s) are you the most scared of, or brings absolute terror to you? Have you tried ridding yourself of this fear? Is it irrational? How can you try to overcome it?


306. (Tues 11/01) I am grateful for my sense of smell because ...
307. (Wed 11/02) In no particular order, fill a page with people, places and things that make you happy.
308. (Thurs 11/03) "A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself."  -- Unknown
     Reflect on this quote. What friend, or friends believe in you wholly and show their love unconditionally?
309. (Fri 11/04) "A negative friend is worse than an enemy." -- Unknown
      Who falls in this category in your life? Can you help turn this person's negative attitudes into positive ones? Is your life truly enriched by this person or not? If not, why do you cling to the relationship? Why fight to save it?
310. (Sat 11/05) Write as long a list as you can of positive words that are meaningful to you. Refer to this list often if you need to.  Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long and short term goals.     

311. (Sun 11/06) MINING FOR PEARLS.  What was the best piece of "life advice" you were ever taught or told?  What one piece of advice would you give to a young person today, and why?
312. (Mon 11/07) Our tastes and interests change as we age, mature and garner a vast array of life experiences.  What interests/hobbies/activities were you gung-ho about when you were younger, but have since abandoned and replaced with something else? Why did you stop these activities? Are any of these activities or interests something you would consider doing again? Why or why not?
313. (Tues 11/08). ELECTION DAY.  How  has the current election affected you emotionally? Did you take part in the election process?  How do you think the outcome of the election will impact you, or not impact you?
314. (Wed 11/09) Create a color wheel in your journal using a pie chart type wheel. Color in each section using the medium of your choice. Below the color wheel, list each color used down the left side, including a paint swipe. Out beside the name of each listed color, write the first word that pops into your mind about this color.
315. (Thurs 11/10) What is the biggest emotional challenge facing you today? How are you coping with or handling it? How can you minimize this emotional challenge and make it go away?
316. (Fri 11/11) Create a new recipe for a coffee drink.  Your drink can be real or imaginary and include fanciful ingredients. Give your drink magical powers if you like, and what is the magic? Include a sketch of your favorite cup!
317. (Sat 11/12) "Believe and act as if it was impossible to fail."  -- Charles Kettering
     Reflect on this quote and how it could impact you, and how you feel about it.  to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long and short term goals.Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long and short term goals.     Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long and short term goals.     Don't forget to review your week, update your task list for next week and your short and long term goal progress.   Don't forget to review your week in detail, update your task list for next week and check on your progress on your long and short term goals.       

318. (Sun 11/13) "Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine." -- Lord Byron
     Recall an event or conversation that happened in the last few weeks that really made you laugh.  How did it feel to have this laughter?
319. (Mon 11/14) As the holiday season approaches, is there someone who has passed that you miss spending time with at the holidays? How long have they been gone? How did this person impact your life? If you could say one thing to this person, what would it be? Recall a special holiday memory with or about this person.
320. (Tues 11/15) What are some of your favorite holiday food dishes and why?
321. (Wed 11/16)  What ONE food dish is a MUST for your holiday feast to be complete?  Who requests this one dish the most?  Is it an easy dish or difficult to prepare.  Is it a dish that YOU like?
322. (Thurs 11/17) What is the most precious, valuable or sentimental piece of jewelry you own? Why?  Photograph or sketch it for your journal.
323. (Fri 11/18) Locate a keepsake you can get to quickly. Take it out, hold it, run your fingers over it, look at it.  What special memories or feelings does this object hold for you? How long have  you had it? Who gave it to you or where did you get it?
     "We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."  -- Frederick Koenig
     How does this quote relate to the feelings and emotions you expressed about your keepsake and the associated memories?
324. (Sat 11/19) Today enjoy something outside. Take a picture, print it and add it to your journal and describe what you enjoyed about your outdoor adventure.     

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