Learn to Journal in 4 Weeks - Week 2

Week 2 journal prompts are designed to get you in the habit of writing daily.  This week we will explore creative writing prompts, along with some prompts for brainstorming, planning and dealing with emotional or troubling issues.

We recommend you follow along with our prompts, but of course you don't have to. If there is something else you want to write about, do it.  Just write every single day. You are developing a habit, and a good one.  Some of our prompts are designed to get you to think outside the box, to develop stronger analytical skills and help with problem or task resolution. Others are just for fun, for writing's sake. 

Always review the entire week's prompts. Start anywhere you want, but we recommend you try to go day by day, but you are always free to journal on any subject you want at any time.  Date each day's journaling, and if you are responding to our prompts, inscribe the prompt, and follow with your writing.  Remember to set aside a specific time of day for your writing and at least a specific amount of time in which to do it.  This helps develop a writing routine. 


Day 8:  Why do you think recording your thought processes is important, or not.  What benefit do you hope to gain from daily journaling?

Day 9:  What has been your best 'food experience' and why?  Describe the tastes, sights, aromas; the people involved in this experience and your surroundings.

Day 10:  If you could be anyone in the world, living or dead, for one day, who would it be and why?  Why do you hold this person in such high regard?  What attributes about this person do you find fascinating?

Day 11:  Make a list of things that are troubling you that you would like to explore more closely.  Then circle the 3 most pressing issues and briefly address why you need to address them.

Day 12:  Today, address your 1st circled item from yesterday's list (Day 11).  Why is it important to you? What do you think might bring about resolution? What steps to resolution seem the most logical? How does this issue affect your daily life?  If resolved, will it help you to restore peace, harmony and well-being for you or your family? What will you do to implement these changes to make this issue better or disappear entirely?  Be resolved in making this change to eliminate the issue.  Write out a step-by-step action plan or short term goal list for effecting this change. Add it as a tip-in to your planner or your journal for easy future reference.  (use a journal card, index card, cardstock, scrapbooking paper or notepaper for this part and affix it to your journal as a flap or tip in).

Day 13:  What was the best part of your day today?  What was the worst?  How did these two things affect you?

Day 14:  Find a quote that has special meaning to you.  Inscribe it into your journal then discuss why it is meaningful to you.

If you have concerns or difficulty along the way, hop on over to ARTFUL WRITING and share your question or concerns.  By asking questions, you may benefit someone else with this same difficulty or issue.


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