Sunday, May 31, 2015


You can RESIST -- but this week we don't want you to actually resist.  We want you to USE A RESIST on a watercolor journal page.  It is fun. It is challenging and YOU CAN DO IT!

Using a RESIST in art is easy for the most part, I suppose depending on the type of resist you are using.  For our purposes, the resist is applied to the page in a design or form the artist desires in an effort for the paint to RESIST the paper.  This week we want you to use any resist you like (or experiment with them all!) and watercolor.  Generally speaking, you will apply your resist to your page first, let it dry if necessary, and then apply the watercolor.  If you have to remove the resist, do it after your watercolor paint dries. You can create a page separately and tip it in to your journal later or do the work directly into your journal (depending on your paper, of course).

You can find 100's if not 1000's of resources on Pinterest and Google for paint resists.

There are many, many things that can be used as a resist in art:  Masking fluid, crayons, oil pastels, hot glue, PVA glue, Rubber Cement, masking tape, stencils, chipboard, etc.... and likely more.... that will keep the paint from adhering to your paper wherever you put it.

Lynn is up first this week with her very pretty page.  Here's what she had to say about her first attempt with a watercolor resist:

"Hi everyone!  Well, first off, this is the first time I have ever done resist and watercolor so I did struggle with this. I much prefer paint over water colors and as for the water resist well I have to admit I didn't like that very much either. First thing I did was get a stencil that filled the page and colored all the little lines--which took forever--with the white crayon. Let it sit for a bit and added the lilac watercolor. It was to light in some spots and to dark in others. Lol  The favorite part for me was stamping the flowers and adding a couple of word cards that I had. I am glad I tried this prompt but won't be doing it anytime again soon. Thank you for looking. " 💙

 (Betty's note:  I am not clear on what Lynn meant when she said "water resist" but will try to clarify with her tomorrow. She goes to bed as the sun is setting so I can't ask her now since she has been asleep for hours!  ha.  Could be she wasn't clear on the concept of resist work).  

Melody is up next with another beautiful page and a very creative way to use her resist of choice.  See her full spread and read all about it on her blog, here

Shana is showing off all her artist talents again this week with her beautiful work.  Stop by her blog and visit, here

Betty has taken the bull by the horns this week with resists.  Check it all out on her blog, here

We really appreciate you taking time from your day to stop by each of our blogs and hope that you enjoy the work that has been put into preparing these prompt-spirations for you.  We do it because we love it, and we want to help inspire you and teach you as we go along.  Be sure and share your completed work over at Artful Journeys.  We will always be your biggest cheerleaders!

We're keeping it artful!

~~Betty, Melody, Tamie, Lynn & Shana

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