Saturday, November 21, 2015


We have a quick little pop-up for you tonight ... GRUMPY CATS

While I am definitely a "dog" person, I have had several cats as pets in my lifetime.  Cats are so expressive, demanding, grumpy, playful, lazy, self-absorbed and oh, so loveable.  My very first cat was a yellow tabby named Buttercup (I was in pre-school).  And my last cat was a rescue in the late 1970's named "Nubbin".  Nubbin was a huge black and gray tabby, with just a 3" long tail. Someone had chopped off his tail and the name just fit him. He came to me in a time of my life that having a pet that was rather self-sufficient was important, and was perfect for apartment living.  He was a great cat, but knew I was "his person" rather than him being "my cat."

So to honor all the cats we have known and loved, show us a grumpy cat. Draw one, collage one, create a Teesha-style cat.  However you want to express it, we are happy to see it!

My spread was prepared using a Victorian Trading Company catalog cover.  Background was done with craft and artist acrylics in yellow ochre, black, khaki, moss green, and citrus green applied with a brush and with a cosmetic sponge to blend into the collaged image.  I typed up the saying on my manual Royal typewriter.  He looks miserable, doesn't he? 

 MELODY is out of state with her family doing an early Thanksgiving get-together, but left this digital collage for your enjoyment!

Lynn and Shana were unable to participate in this pop-up challenge, but they will return with more of their beautiful art soon!

Have fun with this, and as always, keep it artful!

~~Betty, Melody, Lynn and Shana

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