Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week #41 - Black Cats and Bats

Hey, y'all, Melody here, bringing you our prompt for this week!  We thought that since October is now in full gear, we should have a little fun with Halloween stuff, and so we thought we'd start off with black cats and bats.

Most people despise bats, mostly due to a fear of the creatures, but in all actuality, they're quite the helpful creature, not to mention that superstitions say if a bat hits you or lands on you, it's supposed to be good luck!

Black cats have long been considered to be witch's familiars, often thought to have such a personal connection with their "witch", that they would do the witch's bidding or even serve as a guardian for her.

Just a little useless trivia info for y'all before we dive into the art of the week!

Let's start with Betty, this week...she pulled off a super cute spread for this week, unleashing her wicked sense of humor.  Here's what she said..."I really don't like Halloween that much, although I love the candy (who doesn't, right?)  We never have trick or treaters way out here in the sticks where I live, but I always buy at least one bag of great chocolate candy...just in case.  Mind you, in the 20 years we have had ONE trick or treater, and that was a neighbor child who was 2 and she is getting married on Halloween!!  So lucky us...we get all the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  I already helped scarf down the candy corn.  So there!

I couldn't get too motivated for our prompt this week and with Melody's urging to throw on a snarky attitude, at 3:00 am this morning I produced this bat-s**t-crazy bat for you.  I quickly sketched the bat on the cover paper of a Bristol pad I salvaged, painted with all acrylic paint, with a neon paint pen for the highlights and letter, along with some glow in the dark green on his ears (and it really does glow, I promise).  He is lusting after a particular beauty's neck, with his friends not far behind.  So watch out my pretttttyyyyyyy.....

Enjoy what the other girls have created for you this week, with the hopes of providing some kind of inspiration from deep within your dark side...or your snarky side, like me.  Make it a great week, everyone!

Next up we have a spread created by the amazing Miss Lynn, and OMGeeeeeezy!  Here's what SHE had to say about her spread for this week:

"I'm happiest when I get to cut out my prompt.

For this I glued down orange paper and cut out some Ms. Hello Kitty bats and faces. Did a shadow first then cut the stencil. Cut out Happy Hallow and it was done.

What I really think of this spread is that it is CUTE!  Thanks for looking and make sure you go see what the other girls came up with this week. One word..CUTE!!"

Next up is the super talented SHANA who has hit another one right out of the ballpark!!!  Take a peek at her blog HERE and see this fantabulousness!

Finally there's my offering for this week...anyone that knows me knows I love all animals...although I am NOT a huge cat fan.  Now before you call for my head, please understand, I love cats...but I don't want to own one...I just want to pet them and walk away.  But while I was bouncing around on Pinterest looking for a good image of a black cat, I found something that just grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go.  Once I had the image, and had it fussy cut and glued down, the words came to me almost immediately, and I ran with here you go...

And there you go!  Our collective creative talents on one page, just for you!  Let us see what you create, and let us know what you think!

Later, y'all!!!

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  1. great and fun spreads this week. I love all the humor. Great job gals!!!


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