Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Artful Tactics with Shana! DecoArt Media Misters

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the Dylusions sprays, but sometimes you just want the background to stay put without the extra step of putting a fixative on it. I have found a new love--The DecoArt Media Misters.

The Inks sprays are great, they come in a bunch of colors and the awesome added bonus-- once they are dry they will not be reactivated with wet media you put on top of them! I did a quick video today of some play time with them just to show you how nice they are. I used Hot press watercolor paper and put a base of gesso down on half of it so you could see how it reacts.

The other added bonus is that is if you are like me and always 'forget' to clean your stencils after using inks sprays you don't have to worry about the cross contamination when you use them again because the ink will not reactivate.

I will still use my Dylusions sprays but I love having another awesome medium in my arsenal of creativity!

I hope you enjoy my little video of my playtime!

Big Hugs and Mushy stuff!

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