Saturday, March 21, 2015


Happy Spring everyone!

Our prompt this week:  Represent "Spring" -- but you *cannot* use any flowers.

Now this is going to be fun and interesting to see just how creative you can be.  We always think of beautiful emerging flowers at springtime, and many are already trekking to the nurseries buying those bedding plants, flowers and getting antsy to dig in the dirt and make more beauty in the world around them.

Let's all herald spring, and represent it in your own unique way.  Have a look and see what kind of craziness we all came up with this week.  We're trying to think outside the box, and you can too!  Go for it, and show us in a new way what spring means to you!

BETTY RICHARDSON - Betty is definitely thinking outside the box this week.  See her full spread and let her entertain you a little bit over on her blog here

TAMIE RODRIGUEZ WILSON - Lots of fun and creativity from Tamie this week. Check it out all on her blog here!

LYNN JACKSON - The prompt this week was spring using no flowers which was really hard to do because that is what I think of in spring and my yard has buds coming up everywhere.

Anyway, I used two colors of green on this page..glossy sublime lime by Apple barrel and a little neon green by craft smart. Had some stickers I used for the spring part and then just added some butterfly Washi tape top and bottom and then cut some for random placing.
Another fun page to do and I am so happy it is springtime and the snow is all gone! Thanks for looking.

MELODY ELZY - Melody has created another stunning and colorful page to inspire you!  Check it out on her blog here

So there you have it.  Four different takes on our prompt designed to make you think outside the box. We're so happy you stopped in, and if you'd care to leave us some blog love in comments, we would appreciate it.

Now get busy, and show us your representation of Spring -- and remember *NO FLOWERS* !

~Betty, Melody, Tamie & Lynn


  1. Another wonderful spread of spreads. We forget how much more there is to spring than just flowers. :)

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. We really pushed ourselves this week. And it was difficult, but that's how we learn!

  2. These pages are all so awesome! Good job girls. I love what you came up with.


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