Saturday, March 28, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 13 - Northern Lights or Stars

Hi, it's Melody this week taking the reins here on the blog. Surprise!

There was grumbling among the natives this week over the prompt....and why wouldn't there be...Northern Lights...Beautiful to look at...Easy to admire...NOT so easy to recreate on paper!  And only one of our team members was able to pull it off!

Betty took the bull by the horns and with an amazing jolt of inspiration created something spectacular!  Jump over and see HOW she did it here

Next is our dear Tamie's spread, created with some digital images and sweet silver star stickers, Tamie really captured the beauty of a night sky and the idea of making her spread an adventure!

Lynn jumped into this week's challenge with both feet and came up with a winner!!!  On this piece I painted with 3 colors. First I used the color Navy and then added Apricot to make it look like evening. The top I did Brick Red. The glimmer at the top is  the glow of the Northern lights, while the man and woman are a postcard I cut down to fit the page trying to make it look like they are watching the lights from inside their house. Trees came from a swap with a friend, and the glimmer at the top are tiny star lights.

Melody tried to do the Northern Lights, but apparently her sanity was starting to suffer, so she took a different route for her spread this week and hit NASA up for a little inspiration.  See her interesting take on this week here

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  1. Nice work! I LOVE the Northern Lights, but yes, they sure can be hard to recreate! LOL. Can't wait to do this prompt!


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