Tuesday, March 3, 2015


We've got a pop-up art challenge for you this week.  ADD GRUNGE OR MAKE SOME GRUNGE IN YOUR JOURNAL!

Many of you know my life is all about "order" and the sensibility of order. So I have trouble with the concept just adding more when it comes to adding more papers and bits to my journal pages for fear of trashing them, but oddly enough, I have no trouble with it when it comes to adding paint!  I have no fear collecting the paper bits, saving them, and knowing I am going to use them, but collective bits added in a random fashion -- I definitely have trouble with that.  It's my mean Inner Critic, I know. She is ruthless. She shouts at me "You're messing it up.....stop"  and sadly, I listen to her.  But the times I have ignored her and kept adding more are the pages I truly love the very best.  Letting go and letting the art just come organically is really quite rewarding.  Making something look grungy, well, it was invigorating for me. It was quite freeing.  Really.  Try it.  Grunge it up.  You'll love it!

I love using red and black together. Something about those two colors together I find very powerful when combined.  Of course there still seems to be a big sense of "order" to my completed page, but honestly, I just had a blast with it.  You gotta start somewhere being messy and "grungy", right?

I brayered on several different layers and colors of red artists quality acrylic paints, including Golden, Liquitex and Dayler-Rowney, both regular and heavy body.  I grabbed up my giant bottle of generic black acrylic and brushed on strokes here and there, dry brushing in some places, thinning with a paper towel in others.

I made a flap or a "tip-in" using a recycled K-cups coffee box that I covered with the same colors of paint, in the same haphazard, slapping-away method.  I splattered black india ink.  Wheeee! Such fun!  The flap will serve to hide some journaling I plan to add to the spread later, but generally just gives the page a little more interest. Finally, using titanium white, I added some slashes and dots randomly over the page, and a pretty piece of red glittery yarn to the flap.

Seeing that brown cardboard underneath the flap now, I better add some more paint to that. Another journaling and painting opportunity!

Thanks for stopping by and looking.  If you have a moment, leave me some blog love in comments. I am interested to hear what you have to say about my grunge look and creating with wild abandon!

We're keeping it artful!


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