Sunday, April 19, 2015

Artful Journeys Week 16: Earth Day

Earth Day is this coming week on April 22 - and in honor of our wonderful planet, we created pages in response to the coming day.

Your prompt for this week is.... Sights around you.  Take note of the beauty outside.  Perhaps you volunteer on Earth Day and clean up a natural resource and want to show us, or  maybe the beauty emerging in and around your corner of the earth.  Maybe you are enamored by the beauty of things in faraway places.  Whatever it is, show us your take of our beautiful planet.

So, let's get started....

Melody kept it pretty simple with her spread this week.... 


Stop by her blog and see what she did, here 

Lynn took the bull by the horns and had a little fun with our prompt this week, showing a playful side....

Lynn said this about her page:  "I used Apple Barrel's Ocean Blue for my background, then added a die of a globe, that I just got, then put down my words and animals....I had a lot of fun creating this page"

Tamie had a little fun with her spread this week!  Here's a sneak peek of her spread that you can see here....


Betty is enjoying her spring in a uniquely Texan way.  Here's a sneak peek, but you'll have to stop by her blog to see the whole thing.  You can see it here

Since so many of you had a harsh winter (and some of that winter is still lingering in parts of the country), we know you are anxious to see signs of spring and the beauty of rebirth out of the frozen grips of winter.  Even if you are still having winter, get outside. Show us the beauty around you. It is everywhere.

We're keeping it artful!

Betty, Melody, Tamie & Lynn

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