Saturday, August 8, 2015

Artful Journeys - Week #32

Hi everyone, Betty here this week, bringing you another fun prompt!

This week we're giving you a couple of different technique-based ideas upon which to create your journal page.  You can combine the techniques, use one or the other individually. Let your Muse be your guide!

PROMPT:  Create a journal spread using a watercolor & salt resist and/or alcohol fade technique

Remember, Pinterest is your friend.

My spread this week was loads of fun.  I actually did both techniques, but because one turned out far superior than the other, I chose a single technique.  Check it out on my blog, here

Next up is Shana who was able to get one of her famed "two-fers" out of the prompt this week along with her commissioned work.  See her unique creativity here

Lynn was "skeered" but we coaxed her into getting some paint onto the paper and giving a background page a shot -- and it turned out beautifully.  There's a bit of color distortion from photographing, but it turned out great.  Maybe we can coax her next week to tip her foot in a little deeper and put other stuff on it!   Here's what she had to say:
I sprayed a lot of two colors of Dylusions ink sprays in pure sunshine and London blue and like Melody told me to do I got my paper really wet. I was to use coarse salt and totally forgot to buy some so ended up using regular table salt but it did spread but probably not as good as the coarse did like I saw on Melody's prompt but I think you can see the salt a little.

Please check out what the other girls did as I'm sure as always they did a awesome job. Thanks for looking.

And certainly not least, but last for this week is Melody.  As always, her brilliant use of bright and powerful colors has us all swooning again!  Her sneak peek is exciting, so you better check it out on her blog here

That's our offerings for this week, folks.  We will anxiously await seeing your journal spreads over at Artful Journeys.  

Make it a great week, and as always, keep art in your life!

~Betty, Melody, Lynn & Shana

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