Saturday, August 29, 2015


Betty here, bringing you our post this week.  Oh boy!  Sunday is here and it is time for our weekly prompt!  I always look forward to creating for you and getting a few minutes to sit down and talk to you, too!


We are all really exited about this week's prompt.  Who doesn't love a beautiful sunset and there's always something magical about fireflies.  So we put them together!

LYNN made this beautiful pastoral spread, and here's what she had to say about it:

Hello everyone.  I don't have the names of the colors I used on this spread as they were just little pots of paint but the colors are a sheer yellow and a reddish color. Stenciled a couple of boats and outlined them in black with a scarlet lime pen.

Added the fireflies with stickers I had and my saying came from a calendar. Have a circle stencil that I added just a hint for added interest. Thank you for looking and make sure you check out what Melody and Shana and Ms. Betty did this week. It's fabulous!

SHANA has created another beautiful spread, showcasing her abundant talents. Pop on over to her blog to see the full spread HERE

MELODY is using powerful colors again this week and made an awesome spread. You're going to love it!  Run over to her blog and check out the full spread HERE

And my (BETTY) contribution for this week didn't get inspired until Friday evening.  I hope you like where I went with this.  You can see the full spread and read about my inspiration HERE

There you have it.  We've all done something very different and we all certainly made great use of our art supply stashes.  Make magic in your own journal, then share it with us!  Tell us about your favorite "firefly" or "sunset" memory!

Keep it artful, and have a fantastic week!

~~Betty, Melody, Lynn and Shana

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  1. These are all wonderful spreads! Great colours and nicely reminiscent of summer evenings. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to do this spread.


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