Friday, December 4, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT! Artful Writing!

We are pleased to announce the formation of a new sister group, ARTFUL WRITING where we will be providing you 365 days of writing prompts and ideas, hints, tips and tricks for successful journaling.

The group is now open for membership, so tell your friends.  The first official prompt will appear on December 31st and will be published daily for your writing inspiration.

For those of you who like to have a week's worth of prompts at one time, you may return here to the blog and locate the 2016 Artful Writing page to get all your weeks' prompts at one time, or visit the group page as part of your daily ritual.  We will also be including bonus prompts and ideas on the group page for writing as we go along.

If you are new to journaling, we are offering a free, 4-week course on beginning journaling that will start tomorrow evening, December 5th.  To get started, first visit and review the Introduction so that you are prepared and ready to begin.  Come back here to the blog, and look for the page tab on the left side of the blog: LEARN TO JOURNAL IN 4 WEEKS. You can start the free course HERE

You never have to follow along with the prompts and are always free to write about whatever your heart desires. Our daily prompts are designed to spark an idea or to make you dig deep and really be honest with yourself so that you can begin to renew your mind, body and spirit in this coming year.  If you can't be honest with and about yourself in your journal, where can you?

We will never ask you to share your personal journaling with us. That's definitely private.  But you are encouraged to ask questions about your journaling, writing in general, offer up your ideas and suggestions; talk about your favorite journals and writing instruments and any subject relating to writing in Artful Writing!  We might ask you to show us a photograph of your writing journal, or create a visual art journal page about your week's journaling that you can share in Artful Writing or in Artful Journeys, or both!  Writing is just another creative outlet, one that can and will be healing, helpful to you and renew your outlook and spirit as you explore your emotions, feelings, relationships, past history and everything in between.

Come join us on this artful, writing adventure. 

~Betty Richardson

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