Thursday, December 24, 2015

Week 4 - Learn to Journal in 4 Weeks

You've done it!  You've arrived at the final week of this 4-week journey.  Congratulations. I'm super proud of you for now developing this awesome new habit, that will hopefully continue to provide you with an avenue of discovery, insight, and overall well-being!  You now have the keys to happiness and well-being for your future.  Only you can unlock the secrets inside.

"Becoming unbridled from an emotionally painful past is key to having a healthy, happy present. When life delivers a less-than-perfect start to our existence, we can become trapped in a mire of self-pity and snagged by negative patterns of thought over things that were largely or entirely out of our control.  But what we do today, and how we proceed tomorrow is entirely in our control."  ~~Sharon Soneff, in "Art Journals Creative Healing, Restoring the Spirit Through Self Expression"

To paraphrase Sharon Soneff, when you journal, this is a method to help you grab hold of the reins of life, a way to find your moral and emotional compass, your path and direction, your spiritual healing.  By self-monitoring through your journal writing, you are making a conscious effort and decision to keep from perpetuating the past or repeating something that you can, at last and finally, put to rest in your heart, mind and soul.  Blazing a trail of self-evolution, from a point that began in a deep, dark valley through your ascension to the mountain top of self-fulfillment is one of the most self-empowering things you will ever do in your life. You are taking control of your life, your emotions, your spiritual well being.  By dedicating the time to writing in your journal and being consistent, you are not going to miss any moments of realization or epiphanies important to moving forward in a positive, healthy way.  Every step you make, every realization you have is an ascension, an accomplishment and success in healing. Each step forward is progress and you become increasingly more enlightened along the way, holding yourself and perhaps others accountable so that you can reach the summit of that emotional mountaintop.

Great freedom emerges when we face our most troubling realities.  Recovery and self-help groups have long espoused the adage that "You're only as sick as your secrets."  Yes, sometimes that trouble represents a very dark part of our past history that needs to come to light.  Your journal is your safe place where you can express the truth of what is going on right now in your life.  A safe harbor. No judgments, no derision, no repercussions.  Just you and your new best friend ... you.  The whole point of writing in this personal way is to let what is churning inside you come out into the light, so you can see it, and deal with it.  It could be that your journaling brings issues to light for which you may truly want and need some professional guidance from a healthcare professional or spiritual advisor.  But for now, the first step toward healing your spirit involves facing your truths and hard realities, no matter how difficult that truth may be.  You are strong or you would not have started this journey. You seek the truth inside you, no matter the outcome.  As has been said many times in the past by many people, the truth shall set you free.  

As you step forward and continue your writing journey, be confident in knowing that you are strong enough to handle it.  You are worthy of the truth. You are empowering your own self-awareness and self-confidence, and leaving the past behind so that you can grow toward the future, toward your dreams, hopes and aspirations.  Every single day is a learning experience. Find something positive about each day and include it in your writing.  Your outlook will change, and negative self-talk will slowly but purposefully take over your conscious being.  You will be enriched and find fulfillment within yourself.  Keep up your commitment to writing every day, and reinforcing all the positives and blessings in your life.

To access this week's final prompts, go HERE 

As you wind up this week's journaling, come visit us at ARTFUL WRITING where we will continue to encourage and support you and provide you with daily writing prompts to spark your creativity and thoughtfulness. Jump in anywhere or on any prompt that intrigues you.  Give us your feedback, chime in to the conversations.  There is no special "place to start" except of course, with the "starting."  Just keep writing.  And thank you for taking this very special journey with us!



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