Monday, December 29, 2014

Pre-Launch Prompt #1 (re-do) 2015 Annual Calendar

Something mysterious happened to our original post made on 11/28/14 for the pre-launch prompt #1, the 2015 annual calendar.  I know we wrote something witty and wonderful to get you enthused about the group, what the future has in store for everyone, but sadly the entire post has disappeared.

So, in an effort to recreate it, we are just going to share our blog links or processes here so that you can at least see what we all created in response to the prompt to give you some inspiration.

You can see Betty Richardson's full spread and all about the process here

Check out Melody Elzy's full spread and all about her process here

Lynn Jackson made this very bright and happy calendar page....and it was her very first ever journal spread.  We're so proud of Lynn for pushing herself to play and explore!

Tamie Wilson created this beautiful spread, and her blog post mysteriously disappeared as well. We think the internet gremlins might be at work with this disappearing act.....

Terri Turner made this beautiful calendar page, and this was her first art journal page spread, too! Sadly, we are not able to recover the process she used, but we know that this work will be an inspiration to all the newbies out there in art journal land.

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