Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pre-Launch Prompt #3 - Winter Wonderland

This week in Artful Journeys your art challenge is to create a page in your journal interpreting the prompt "Winter Wonderland".  You know winter means many things to many people, and we all see it differently because we all live all over the world, thus our different interpretations of "winter."  Our friends down under are having a hot summer, while in North America, parts of the north are covered up to their armpits in snow and super cold weather. Maybe you live in a tropical area and see visions of palm trees and holiday lights.  What does it mean to you?  Can't wait for you to show us your interpretation over at Artful Journeys this week.

Here is how we all interpreted this week's prompt.  Hopefully we can inspire you, give you a laugh, or encourage you in an artistic way.  And when you visit our individual blogs, leave us a comment! We're always happy to hear what you have to say!

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Lynn Jackson -- remember, I don't blog, so here's what I did this time!  Winter Wonderland using America crafts acrylic paint in Indian Turquoise and America gloss Honey and Apple Barrel diva pink. Snow flakes made with a handmade Stencil and glimmer stones given to me from Melody. Plus a torn piece of music paper. Deer cut from a sizzix die cut.

Tamie Wilson - see her full spread here

Terri Turner - 

I used blue card stock stamping random snowflake stamps using VersaMark and embossing powder. Also stamped some in silver ink. Bottom snow was done with white acrylic paint and sprinkled glitter before it completely dried. Stamped and die cut the snowman. Distressed the edges with white ink.

Betty Richardson - see her full spread here

Melody Elzy - see her full spread here


  1. All are fun!!! All I can say is "brrrrrrr"!

  2. We hope they inspire you some way, Roz! Thanks for stopping by!


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