Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pre-Launch Prompt #5

We've made it.  The year is coming to a close, and we're looking forward to a new beginning, a new chapter of our lives, a new phase and a new opportunity to show love, positive outlooks, gratefulness and hope in the coming new year.  As we all reflect on this past year, our successes, our goals, our challenges, we have the opportunity to review and reconsider.  We can review all the things we did right, pat ourselves on the back for those successes, make changes from those things that didn't work out as planned, and turn the one that is all shiny and new and filled with promise.  We are all looking forward to an exciting year at Artful Journeys and at Artful Mail Groupies, with the promise of new friendships, relying on those we have already come to love and respect, and the excitement of new challenges looming on the horizon.

To get the year started, our Week 5 Pre-Launch prompt for you is to create a January calendar in your journal.  While you are creating, reflect on this past year and all you've learned, all the wonderful people who have touched your life, and put the spirit of all of 2014 into that fresh, shiny new page.  Perhaps you will journal on the adjacent page about what 2014 brought you, and where you want to go in 2015.   A look at the past, a nod to the future.

Here's what we created in response to this prompt.  We're excited to see the fabulous creations we know you are going to create.  Post your images in Artful Journeys, and tell us a bit about your process.

Melody Elzy -- See her full spread and process here

Betty Richardson -- See her full spread and process here

Lynn Jackson -- I actually had fun making this page. I decided to get the dust off the Cricut and cut the grid and the snowflakes and January word with the rarely used Cricut.  Why didn’t I bring this out sooner??  I painted the background with Apple Barrel Flag red and cut out white snowflakes, but then wanted to paint them a sea blue. The "2015" are numbers I cut from a roll of washi tape. I used a gold sticky back sheet that cut way easy to form the word “January” and I was pretty pleased with the whole process. I am finding as I go along the pages are getting easier to think of and I think it will for all you girls too. 

I am certainly playing and experimenting with all my art supplies.  Are you?

TAMIE WILSON -- see her full spread and her process here 

We hope that we can inspire you to play and experiment and have fun in your art journal.  We are already having a ton of fun and we're just getting started.

Stay artful!

~~Betty, Melody, Terri, Tamie & Lynn

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