Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pre-Launch Prompt #4 - Holiday Madness

This week at Artful Journeys we want you to express the holiday season in your own unique and artful way.  We are living in all parts of the globe and celebrations are different everywhere.  After you express yourself artistically, tell us a bit about some of your family's special holiday traditions or a tradition or custom where you live.  We're building artful bridges by creatively expressing ourselves and sharing our cultures with each other.

Here's what the admin team prepared in response to this week's prompt.  We hope to inspire you or at least give you a little smile along the way.  Remember, some of the team are just beginning their journaling adventures, so your support and encouragement along the way are appreciated!

Happy holidays to you all!

TAMIE WILSON - see her full spread and process here

MELODY ELZY - see her full spread and process here

BETTY RICHARDSON - See her full spread and process here 

LYNN JACKSON -   Seriously, nothing about the holiday drives me crazy. I really like it all right down to cleaning the dirty house. What makes me happy is the grandson coming and looking at his gifts and telling me he knows everything he is getting and just hanging out with him and my daughter. On next weeks page I will try and think of memories but I really live day to day and never look back.

For the background I used Sargent Tempera paint in Magenta.
I applied my paint with a makeup sponge and it went on just like the acrylic does. I picked it because quite frankly I didn't know there was a difference but I like it and will be using it again. And, quite frankly, the cost per ounce of paint was a lot less than buying small bottles of acrylic paint. It was the first time I had used it on any project. I was liking all the colors it came in so got a few of them.

For the word “Winter” and for the Snowman with white acrylic paint, then added some washi tape on the side of the page. The stencil I purchased at Hobby Lobby and it is their store brand. I thought it was really cute and it was perfect for this prompt!  The tempera paint went on really smooth and dried fast. Faster then the acrylic does. The stencils went over the paint very nicely. Those cute little trees are some fun stickers I had that screamed they needed to be on the page.  But--if I had to do the page over again I wouldn't use the stickers as I wasn't very pleased by how they looked when I was finished.

Creating this page was great fun for me. While very new to the world of art journaling, the creative and crafting part is not.  I love being creative and hope you guys are learning right along with me as we progress through the year with our prompts.  Sometimes, actual journaling is difficult, and these holiday prompts just give us something fun to think about and play with.  Since I live in an area that gets lots of snow, this is the holidays for me. Snow and family. Nothing could be better! 

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