Saturday, January 31, 2015

POP-UP ART CHALLENGE #9 - Writing Prompt

January has just flown by for me -- how about you?  While infusing my coffee this morning in the recliner trying to get the fog out of my brain, I picked up my pocket journal (which lives beside my chair when not in my purse) and I began to think about this month.  It is the last day of the month. Wow.   A lot has gone on in my world this month and probably the same at your house.  Christmas decorations have been taken down, for most of you, your house is probably back in order (not me, yet) and we're plugging away at a whole new year.

Today, I want you to spend no more than 1 hour creating a journal page (full page, half page, pocket journal, etc) writing about your month.
Hit the highlights.  Tell a funny story that happened. Document what went on in your world this month.  Was there a new baby in the family? A sad passing of a family member?  Joyful news on the work front?  Something you were especially grateful for that happened?  Hopes and expectations that were or were not met?  Use bullet points if you want, or write in flowy words and and sentences, but WRITE!

This prompt is more about the writing experience as opposed to the art created.

WRITING (and more specifically PRINTING) in your journal helps you explore you and your world. It also will help serve to improve your overall penmanship and writing and lettering skills.

I often keep my pocket journal on the side table next to my chair in the living room with a Micron Pen, a fat and fine line Sharpie marker and my little zippered pouch of Prismacolor pencils.  My pocket calendar can hold up to watercolor fairly well, but a heavy Sharpie will bleed through without a little gesso, which is never right there, and so I resort to those pencils more times than not because they are handy, they don't bleed through, and I just like playing with them!  This page was no exception.  Once I started writing, events of the month just kept coming, so that part was easy.  It took me longer to tart up the page than it did to write about the month.

So journal your month with your own hand.  Then tart it up if you want to.  As you can see, I didn't do too much artwork, but I did do a little fancy lettering and added some interest on the page.  It turned out just fine for what it was meant to be.  I added a little quote to remind me how to keep my stress levels under control........ "love is patient, love is kind" ...

Have fun with it, and show us what you come up with on the group feed over at Artful Journeys. I promise we won't be sneaking any peeks at your personal words.

~~Betty aka Arty Auntie

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