Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 3 - Paint It Blue

The month of January is moving right along and so are we!  We've arrived at Week #3, and our prompt and challenge this week is to "Paint it Blue" AND to use a palette knife, spatula or credit card to create your background.

Does the color blue soothe you?  Maybe it is a hue of the primary color that really gets your art mojo flowing and inspired.  Blue is all around us, all the time.  It is in the sky, in the ocean, in public and private buildings, in our art, in our beverages.  Blue is an earth color. The color of water as seen from afar.  Colors inspired by the earth can't ever let you down or keep you from being inspired in some way.

Let's see what you can do this week with this little challenge and prompt.  Make it your own, interpret it any way you wish, and be sure and share your creations with us over at Artful Journeys, telling us a little about your mediums used and your technique or process.  We can't wait to see!

 TAMIE RODRIGUEZ WILSON -- see her full spread and learn more about her art here.  She used acrylics, ink sprays, washi tapes, stamps, lace, old book pages, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

BETTY RICHARDSON - She used acrylic paints and a triangular palette knife.  See her full spread and learn about the thoughts and processes behind her work here

LYNN JACKSON-  I used Apple Barrel Bonnet Blue as my base and added a stencil by Americana mixed media called brick wall.

The 1-2-3 are also stencils from the same company and took a few stamps and just stamped them into the bricks. Honestly I didn't know where this spread was going and really not even sure it did but I liked it in the end. It was fun not to think to much about it and just have fun. I hope you girls enjoy it.

MELODY ELZY - Melody went wild with book pages, fluid, heavy body and craft acrylics, a plastic card and more to make magic on the page this week.  Read all about her processes and see the finished work here


  1. They are all amazingly beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration.


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