Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 2 - Selfie + 10 Positive Things About You

Do you really look positively at and within yourself?  Sometimes we can be extremely hard on ourselves, and usually unecessarily.  It has been said many times over and in many ways that we are our own worst critics.

For the art challenge this week, we want you to definitely look at yourself in a positive light and highlight at least ten things that you find good within yourself.  Use a real image of yourself if you like or an artistic representation, but create a journal page all about you and how wonderful a person you really are and show yourself all those positive things.

I know that two of us did more than one page for this week.  Not sure why we find this self-assessment so difficult sometimes, but we do.  Reinforce a path of positivity, and don't give credence to that nasty and negative inner critic.  Then reflect on why you chose the words you did to describe yourself.  Know that you ARE all those great things and that you matter.

See how we all interpreted this week's prompt and let us know what you think.  We can't wait to see your creations over at Artful Journeys.

Melody Elzy -  see her full spread and process here

Lynn Jackson -  On this page I decided to use scrapbook paper this time instead of painting. On my words I used a Brother label maker then then glued them down on a mixed media paper I had painted and cut them out. The words came easy because this is just how I see myself. I am very loyal and pretty funny and really a Good G. That is short for Grandma. And I work around kids 5 days a week so yes I am very hard working.

Tamie Rodriguez Wilson - see her full spread and process here

Terri Turner - Supplies I used: Gesso, Acrylic paints, Stamps by Stampabilities & Unity Stamp Co., Tie-dye stencil by Americana, Spare-Parts flowers by The Paper Studio, China marker, Black Uni-ball Signo, and White Uni-ball Signo

Betty Richardson - see her full spread and process here


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