Wednesday, February 4, 2015

14 Days of Love - Day #4

As we continue on our artful journey of 14 Days of Love, today we are going to have you really think and reflect.  And write.  And of course art.

Your prompt for today is both an art AND a journaling prompt.


Creating art in our journals is something we love to do.  Digging deep and writing is a little more difficult for some of us.  Combing both can be a challenge.  Writing in your journals (yes, actual journaling) makes you stop and reflect on some of your innermost thoughts.  It makes you document your feelings and emotions.  It helps your actual writing practice. Write in long flowy sentences with all the descriptive adjectives you want.  Or maybe you like to write in a staccato style, maybe using bullet points just to highlight specific thought processes or in such a way as to be a reminder to you of a particular thought.

Perhaps you want to journal on a journaling card and tuck it into a cute tarted up envelope, away from prying eyes.  You know it is there.  Maybe you write all over the page then cover it up with paint, perhaps letting a few keywords peek through and become part of the art you create on top of it.

However you decide to proceed, it will become something you look back on and remember those thought processes it took to do the writing; the emotions that filled your heart; or maybe the gentle tears that slowly dripped down your cheek.  Emotion. Love.  Always fulfilling, no matter how we say it.

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Today's page in my Canson Mixed Media Journal has a surprise.  I dug really deep today for the writing part of this prompt.  I had some things I really wanted to express, but in a more private kind of way.

My background was created using Liquitex Basics Acrylics and Apple Barrel craft acrylics in assorted pink tones and hues utilizing the scraping method--both with a credit card and my palette knife until I had the color mix I liked.  I also did just a little dry brushing with my favorite filbert brush.

The heart was created from a reclaimed priority mail envelope that I gessoed and then applied a script background stamp, different shades of pink to and then cut into a large, freehand heart.  Outlined with Special Black Copic Marker and a Sharpie marker.  I painted up some deli paper with some pink and magenta and applied it to the backside of the heart, just to cover up the priority mail printing and trimmed it to size.

NOW FOR THE SURPRISE -- I turned the heart into a "cover" over the top of my journaling, which was all done with a white Sakura Gelly Pen.  I just traced the heart outline and then did all my journaling inside those lines.  I selected a really pretty, sparkly brad, a flower & heart punch cut that I had previously received in a happy mail package.  I used a small handheld hole punch and then just assembled the brad, flower & heart onto my big heart and poked em all through the page.  Voila!  I can tip that heart open and read a year from now (or years) just what I was thinking on this day.  And the overall page still has a nice, cohesive and orderly look to it (yes, my OCD is still kicking in).

I had fun doing this prompt, and I really ended up liking the fact that I focused on my writing (and my penmanship) and thought about all the things I really, truly love about love.  I hope maybe my page will inspire you!

* * * * * * * * * * * *
TAMIE WILSON -- Tamie's mojo is still gearing toward the doodling thing on this prompt.  There is nothing more expressive of love than FAMILY and this clearly says it all.  Tamie used pink and purple acrylics on a lined 4x6 index card and some paint markers to create this reminder that Family is Everything.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

Melody and Lynn had other commitments today but may be adding their inspiration to the group feed later.

Remember to share your images for everyone's viewing pleasure by posting to the February Photo Album with a brief description of your process/materials.  Doing so will cause the image to auto-post to the group feed!

We can't wait to see your creations!

Stay artful!

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