Sunday, February 1, 2015

14 Days of Love - Day #1

Today begins our first annual series of 14 Days of Love to honor St. Valentine's Day.  We will have one new prompt a day for the first 14 days of February, designed to help you think outside the box and push you to leave your comfort zone.  Some of the prompts are technique based, others are just for fun.

You can create these prompts in your journals, on an index card, make them as an ATC or postcard, or a full sized sheet of watercolor, Bristol or cardstock.  The substrate is entirely up to you.  Today's prompt is about experimentation and trying new techniques.

DAY 1 PROMPT:  Today's prompt is to create a "pieced" or Mosaic heart out of paper.  You can incorporate it as part of a journal page, or make it as a stand alone piece.

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I did both, and worked them in my Graphique pocket journal. 

On the left is a mosaic heart made with torn pieces of red cardstock on a black acrylic background.  The words:  "Every person has at least one secret that would break your heart."

On the right is my collaged or "pieced" heart that was created by stripping small strips from a philatelic (stamp) catalog, using only the stamp images.  I cut a heart outline out of Bristol and then e glued down each individual strip with a UHU glue stick to the heart shape.  Edges were trimmed.  I colored the background with quick strokes of a RV04  Stock Pink Copic marker and made the doodle dots with B26 Cobalt Blue.  The heart was adhered to the page with smoothed out Elmer's glue. I "brayed" the heart all over front and backside of the page with my bone folder and a clean brayer so that the bristol cardstock would adhere well and not have any bubbles on the backside of the page.

I didn't intend either of these to be fancy.  The whole point was to try something new and to experiment with a new or different technique that was outside my customary repertoire.

What fun are you going to come up with?  Be sure and show us your finished work on the group feed at Artful Journeys.  We would appreciate you adding your photos to the February photo album with a brief description of your process and materials.  By doing so, the photo will automatically show up on the feed.

Keepin' it artful~~~
Betty Richardson aka Arty Auntie

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Plain white cards with thick, patterned paper cut into strips and glued down. Then I flipped it over drew a heart and cut them out. No clue what I was thinking!  Started them at about 530 this morning.   I think they turned out pretty cool for having no real plan.  Creating organically can often-times produce amazing results.  Too many times we over-think a project instead of just "going with the flow".

Can't wait to see your idea of this kind of fun!

aka ArtsyFartsy Knit Wit


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This heart was cut at 5 inches.
I found some washi tape and just started adding it to make it look mosaic-like.
It was a quick project and really had no idea what I was doing but it turned out kinda cute.

More organic art -- just letting it happen as you go.

So let us see your creations and interpretations of our first prompt in 14 Days of Love!  Go!

Betty, Melody, Lynn & Tamie

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