Saturday, February 28, 2015


Time is flying.  February is over!  This heralds a change in the seasons very soon (and we know not soon enough for those of you still buried in snow).  Someone up there in the north must have left the freezer door open, because you sent cold, snow and ice to north Texas. Who did that?  Ours was short-lived, though and was gone the next day.  (Aren't WE lucky?)  We know you want to SHARE all that white beauty, but  remember turn about is fair play. We'll be sure and thank you and share with you when it is 107 in the shade here in July and August!  hehehe.

Today (I am writing this on Saturday 2/28) would have been my mother's 90th birthday. She was very important in MY life, and not a day goes by that I don't miss her.  She was a lover of life, of people, and of beautiful and creative things. I think I got my creative bent from her, or at least I like to think so.  Mother was an amazing influence on my life, teaching me many things and helping to mold me into a strong, independent woman.  Our lives have many positive influences, and my mother was just one of those beacons of light. ~~ hugs, Betty.

This week at Artful Journeys, we want you to think about something (or someone) that is important in your life and reflect that on your journal page, BY INCORPORATING YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE.

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BETTY RICHARDSON - As stated above, Saturday, February 28th would have been my mother's birthday, so my spread is really about remembering her. Come check it out on my blog here to see the full spread, my processes and materials.

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LYNN JACKSON -  "Go your own way"
This one was pretty simple. Took a art journal page and added under paper to it layered with different stencils and stamps along with my quote in the middle. I do believe in the quote. I go my own way and pretty much have my whole life. Thanks for looking.

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MELODY ELZY - Come check out this luscious page that Melody created. You can see the full spread, and read all about it on her blog here

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TAMIE RODRIGUEZ WILSON -  Come check out how the "madness" in Tamie's head gets translated to the page to make this beauty!  On her blog, here

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Be sure and show us what you're creating in response to this week's prompt over at Artful Journeys.  A new photo album for March will appear shortly for you to post your images!

Stay artful!
~~Betty, Melody, Tamie & Lynn

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  1. What a fabulous spread of spreads! Very, very moving. <3


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