Wednesday, February 4, 2015

14 Days of Love - Day #5

Day 5 has arrived!  How are you coming along?  Are you keeping up?  Plan to catch up over the weekend?  So far this has been so much fun, and we certainly hope you agree.  Spreading love, one day at a time warms the heart.

Today's Prompt is an art prompt:  USE HEARTS AS BALLOONS!

Don't balloons bring a happy smile to your face?  Who would think some rubbery-plastic stuff  or some mylar sheets filled with helium could make the heart sing so wildly?  Add in some fancy, curly ribbons and you have won hearts for sure!  Don't you bring bright, happy balloons to a sick friend? Send them for special occasions?  Take them to your momma just to see her smile?

Reflect that love on  your journal page today.  Float them in the air, maybe ride on one, draw them, paint them, stick them on with some embroidery floss or fancy ribbon.  However you express yourself today will surely make you and someone else very happy!

Have a look at our interpretations of this prompt.  Are you smiling yet?

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Tamie has her art mojo back on today, and created this whimsical page that is just adorable and very Tamie-esque.   The background is three shades of acrylic blues and teals over a lightly gessoed 4x6" index card. The girl is from a collage sheet by Crafty Button Designs.  I did add some more color to her with Posca marker pens. The heart stamp is a freebie I got from Viva Las Vegas Stamps that  I colored in with gel pens, Stampin' Pastels and Papermate Joy Ink Pens, outlined with a black Posca marker pen. Used my new Faber Castell Stamper's Big White Pen (Love it!) and added black dots with Posca marker pen.  Isn't she just adorable?

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

BETTY RICHARDSON - Gosh I had fun with this prompt, and amazingly, it all came together in less than an hour.  The vintage ballerina image was the cover on a Victorian Trading Company catalog that came in the mail.  I cut around all the logos and advertising and glued it into my 9x12" Canson mixed media journal with ordinary Elmer's school glue that I scraped on smoothly before applying, and then used a clean gift card and scraped the front of the image to make sure there wouldn't be any wrinkles or bubbles.

I knew I wanted to try and match the background colors as closely as I could so I used a combination of Apple Barrel craft acrylics in White, Kiwi and Khaki, applied with a cosmetic sponge in color layers, and then by mixing and blending the colors onto the background image to give it a soft "painted" finish.  Being as impatient as I am, I zapped it with the trusty heat gun.  The match turned out pretty well I thought, and that ballerina just popped off the page.  Yay!  Then I cut some 1/4" wide strips of watercolor paper out of some scrap and lettered my saying, "She loved feeling loved" and outlined the words with a black Sakura Gelly Pen and colored with E55 Light Camel Copic marker.  As an afterthought, I added the yarn in a swirly pattern to to the top and bottom of the page, tying in the colors of her tutu.  This also served to partially obscure the bottom edge of the clipping which didn't blend very well.  I added the "heart" balloons that I had that were some kind of felt stickers I got a few years go, along with some red and white baker's twine.  I think I successfully covered up that cigarette she was smoking!

I hope you like her.  She makes me smile.  Sorry some of the glue was still wet when I photographed her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

LYNN JACKSON- Lynn got her "bling" on today in a big way!  She cut a 6x6" brown craft card stock then cut 3 hearts and added bling to make them look like balloons.  She was kinda trying to twist them so they looked like they were flying. White pen for the lines and a little Washi tape. On the hearts was some bling received in a mail art swap. This prompt was a lot of fun to complete.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

MELODY ELZY -  Working in my small Dylusions journal I first created my background by putting down some light blue and whit acrylic paint using a wider paint brush. Then I used some hi flow acrylic with a water brush to create a wash of "sunlight" from above. My hears were cut from a larger piece of underpaper and glued down. I then drew strings to turn the hearts into balloons. I found the quote on Pinterest.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
So now you've seen our takes on this prompt -- let's see yours!

Be sure and share your images in the February Photo Album at Artful Journeys with a brief description of your process and materials and your post will show up automatically on the feed!

Keepin' it artful!
Betty, Melody, Tamie & Lynn


  1. Who's Tammy? Lol I love your page!!!! Fabulousness!!!

    1. Well pfffffffffffft. Sorry about that. Remember, I'm old. Fixing it now my friend. hehehe

  2. You girls did a wonderful job on day 5 prompts.


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