Friday, February 6, 2015


A week down, one week to go!  Aren't you feeling especially loved and loving doing all these prompts?


I know, I know..... more writing.  But it is good to practice your creative writing so that you can improve and perfect your style, create new styles and perhaps new writing techniques.

Letter a simple little quote, or perhaps just write out the entire alphabet in a swirly style.  Write a real letter in a swirly or flourish style then add it to a journal page.  Make up your own style of swirly writing.  Use this writing in a creative way on a postcard that you have a wonderful background for, just waiting for some words, or add some swirly writing to a journal page you have already prepared that is just begging for some words.  Letter a lot. Letter a little. Use a paintbrush to create your swirly writing, or use a paint pen.  Try something different!  You have to be the guide and your muse will show you the way.

Melody and Lynn had to skip this prompt due to other commitments, but here's Betty's and Tamie's contributions to today's prompt!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

TAMIE RODRIGUEZ WILSON - Tamie created this gem on a 4x6" lined index card using spray inks, crayons as a resist, stencils and Gelatos.  Fun, fast and wicked lovely.

* * * * * * * * * * * * 

BETTY RICHARDSON - For today's prompt, I did a kind of quickie postcard. I painted some reclaimed cardboard with a thin coat of gesso, then scraped on Flag Red, Real Red and Cranberry craft acrylic.  I used a border flourish that had some cute little swirls and the scribble heart stamp that I received in happy mail from Holly Jungman Woolsey.  Lettering done with a bold Signo Uniball pen in white.  Edges finished with Special Black Copic marker.

Remember to share your creations with us at Artful Journeys.  If you would, please add them to the February photo album with a brief description.  This will make them auto-post to the group feed.

Break those pens out, and get creative with your swirly writing!

We're keeping it artful!
Betty, Melody, Tamie & Lynn

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